Easter with Hope & Greenwood

As I am going away for Easter this year, I was thrilled to be treated to a little early Easter present from British confectionery company, Hope & Greenwood. They kindly sent me the Farmer Greenwoods Eggs and Mug, which is a cute little gift set with a delicious milk chocolate egg, and a little mug to enjoy a good old cuppa with my chocolate. Perfect! (Thanks lovelies!!)

One of the things I absolutely love about Hope & Greenwood is the gorgeous packaging, it’s not your standard Cadburys Easter Egg (not that they aren’t lovely too, but you know they haven’t changed since I was a little girl!) so it’s nice to get something a bit different. This company is completely Cath Kidston-esque, with it’s kitsch vintage look and mug to keep, this is the ideal present this Easter for all ages.

Of course, I’ve already gobbled down the Easter Egg, which was delicious, and the little mug is lovely with it’s quaint farmyard design – it’s small enough to pack up into a hamper, so I’m thinking long walks with a flask of tea in the summer… it’s going to be ideal. Its really nice to have something to keep once the chocolate is gone, and lets face it – it doesn’t last long in my household! There are loads of other Easter treats available at Hope and Greenwood this year, I particularly love the Farmer Greenwood’s Duck with Jelly eggs and the Salt Caramel Heavenly Mallows sound divine. Hmm, ok, all of it looks pretty amazing to a sugar addict like me, I’d be in heaven!
Speaking of being in heaven, Hope & Greenwood also have a huge selection of retro sweets, from cola bottles, Fizzy Peaches (!) to Rhubarb and Custard’s… they have it all. I will definately be making a few purchases over the summer for our blogger picnic and bringing along a paperbag full of retro sugary goodness – can’t wait, I could actually buy the whole shop.
There is still time to order from Hope & Greenwood before Easter, just place your order online here before the 15th April and it’ll be with you on time. Enjoy!

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