Life Lately #11: A Week of Sequins and Glitter

Arriving home from Peru and going straight back to work this week was a massive reality check. The post-holiday blues started to kick in, so to cheer ourselves up we’ve had a colourful week of sequins, glitter, dancing and music. It was just what the doctor ordered!
 Earlier this week I was kindly invited to visit the Ladyboys of Bangkok, who are back in Brighton again, performing as part of the Brighton Festival with their new show ‘Red Hot Kisses’. Performed by an all-male cast of Ladyboys, the show is for sure a curious sight. Glitzy outfits, feathers and fishnets are just some of the elaborate outfits to grace the stage, as the Ladyboys sing and dance to a range of music from disco tunes to classic musical numbers. As well as dancing the Ladyboys love to pull unsuspecting male members of the audience onto the stage to tantalise (or terrify) them – this was the funniest part as all of the men looked terrified whenever any of the dancers came near. I had a great evening, I loved all the disco tunes, especially ‘Can’t Stop the Beat’ from the musical Hairspray, which got me bopping along. A great show and a good laugh too, make sure to check them out whilst they are still in Brighton, shows are still running until 31st May. 
The glitz didn’t stop there, this Saturday was also one of the most important dates on the gay calendar – Eurovision! We got all dressed up in our Union Jack attire, for me a sparkly ‘Geri Dress’ and Vee a Union Jack onsie, we looked a right pair and certainly got some looks walking to the venue! Dani also came along supporting France, but the best dressed for the evening was our friend James who dressed fully as Conchita, the winning Austrian entry – with a full beard, long dark hair and a gold shimmery dress. The night was hilarious, Eurovision on the big screen, scorecards, a sweepstake (I didn’t win..) and great company. Plus, I really loved the Austrian entry and am pleased it won. Of course the UK didn’t win, we didn’t expect to, maybe next year! 

James as Conchita

Did you watch the Eurovision? Which was your favourite song?
Hope you all had a great week xx

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