Life Lately #12

Isabella icing cakes / Brighton / Kittens 
Coconut Mocha Frappuccino / Fluffy bunnies / Playing in the Park
Ladyboys of Bangkok / Vee photobombs the Ladyboys Press Call / Onboard the double decker 
This week the sun has been shining and it finally feels like summer is on the horizon. Today I spent the whole day on the beach, relaxing with my book and sipping on a Starbucks Coconut Mocha Frappuccino, it was just heavenly, I could almost be on holiday again. 
During the week we saw the Ladyboys of Bangkok again and had the opportunity, thanks to Proud Cabaret Brighton to board a double decker bus for a whizz around Brighton after the show with the whole cast of The Ladyboys and entertainment onboard from singer, Dolly Rocket. We all ended up at Proud Cabaret for an after-party, where there was some freaky hairstyling and backcombing going on but great music – it was a really fun night out, we danced until the small hours and had quite a bit of wine! Thanks Proud for having us! 
With a slight wine haze the next morning, we attempted babysitting Isabella – Vee’s goddaughter, who is going through the ‘terrible twos’… We all had a lovely time, despite returning Isabella to Mummy with a poorly finger after the ‘naughty hamster’ bit her in the pet shop…. although after a  ‘Babychino’ in Costa and a play in the park, it was all soon forgotten and she was smiling again. 
It’s been a lovely week, lets hope the sun continues to shine! Next week I’m off to ‘Sandyballs’ in the New Forest for a girls weekend away… I’m sure I’ll return with some stories to tell! 

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