Review: Eco-friendly Cleansing & Drying by e-Body

I’m always on a quest for eco-friendly beauty products, so I was excited to discover this new range of super-soft, facial cleansing pads and microfibre towels by e-Body, which are the most effective and luxurious eco-friendly products I’ve used in a long time.
I was asked to try the Eye Cleansing Pad* (£4.99) this is a super gentle fine-weave pad, with finger slots to make it easy to use. My make-up has been notoriously tricky to remove in the past so I was interested to see if this would work for me. Being a mascara and eyeliner addict I chose to lather a little of my favourite cleanser with warm water over the pad, and gently wipe over my eyes. This worked perfectly for me, I was surprised to see my make-up was completely gone in just a few seconds, and the best thing is the pads are also so silky soft and gentle, perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes and not abrasive at all. 
For the rest of my face I tried the Facial Cleansing Mitt* (£6.99) with a light lather of cleanser and warm water. This pad buffs and polishes the skin using a gentle exfoliation. As the range is 100% natural and chemical-free they are perfect for sensitive skin, as you can literally just cleanse with water as well.
Lastly, from the e-Body range I tried the Hair Turban* (£12.99). This handy little item is perfect for me as my hair is quite long now and being thick it takes a long time to dry. Popping my hair up into my new turban helps the hair to dry 3-4 times faster than a standard towel dry and saves me using too much heat on my hair. It’s also really handy as it holds my hair up and away from my face whilst I do my make-up, perfect! 
All of the products in the e-Body range can just be popped into the washing machine with your normal wash and reused again. 
I’m quite taken with the range overall and will continue to use them as part of my daily routine. You can buy e-Body cleansing pads or luxury towels online here

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