Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Ok – I know I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but a couple of weeks ago I succumbed to one of the most popular blogger trends, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I saw it at a snippet of the price on bargain beauty site, Cohorted and just couldn’t resist. Just to mention a how Cohorted works (as I think it’s fab) they offer popular beauty items and the more people sign up to buy the item, the lower it drives down the price. So, I picked up this palette for £19.50 instead of the normal RRP £37.00. Bargain. 
Right, back to the palette –  Initially I wasn’t 100% sure about the rosey-tined pink shades, however the taupe’s, warmer browns and mauves really tickled my fancy, so I decided to give it a go, with the knowledge a few of the shades would  be out of my comfort zone. The palette  comes in a robust metal tin, which is ideal for keeping the eyeshadows clean and safe (if you are ‘a dropper’ like me) although the downside is it’s a bit bulky for carrying around in my handbag. The Naked 3 also includes a double-ended shadow and blending brush, which is soft, silky and works a treat. Usually I would use my own brushes with my palettes but this one is a keeper in itself, I was really impressed.
The colours are just beautiful. They are soft, highly pigmented and blend with ease. There are 2 matte shades, Limit  and Nooner which make an ideal base colour. As does the lightest shade Strange, which appears matte, however has a light pearlescent quality. The rest of the palette contains beautiful shimmery tones that range right from light pink Dust to the deep indigo of Blackheart. This is perfect for me as I love to create different looks and experiment with blending different shades. From this palette you can create daytime looks with shades such as Trick and Liar, or create a dark smoky eye for a night out with a blend of Blackheart. 
I’m so glad I succumbed to blogger pressure, turns out it was an excellent, versatile purchase. I’m a Naked 3 addict now and even contemplating purchasing the 1 & 2!
Have you tried the famous ‘Naked’ range by Urban Decay? 
Which palette is your favourite?

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