BEAUTY: Honey Bronze from The Body Shop

As someone with very pale skin, I’ve not always had a good relationship with bronzing products in the summer. Quite often they are too dark on my pale complexion and make me too orange or a bit streaky. So, when this parcel of Honey Bronze goodness arrived on my doorstep from The Body Shop, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive. However, being the avid blogger and beauty product tester that I am, decided to give the range a go, safe in the knowledge that The Body Shop rarely disappoint.  
I started with the shimmering dry oil – a really lightweight tan enhancing oil that doesn’t leave the skin sticky or greasy at all. It has a really subtle shimmer to it and smells so gorgeous, it reminds me of holidays and sitting on the beach all day. It’s more sun kissed than sun-drenched and provides a lovely all-over glow. It was a good start, so I tried the next product in the range, the honey enriched illuminating powder. This comes within a no-mess tube and is so quick to apply. One sweep across the cheekbones for an instant summer glow. I love this as it’s perfect to pop into my handbag for an instant freshen-up on the go. The Bronzing Gel for the face is ideal for me – it adds a touch of colour to the skin without being too overpowering. With my pale complexion I am reluctant to apply tanning products to my face so this allows me to have total control over how much colour I want to add and where. One of my very favourite within the range is the Bronzing Powder (in Fair Matte) for contouring my cheekbones –  as it’s such a subtle colour, I don’t end up with obvious streaks across my face. It does contain a shimmer, but it’s so subtle, I hate anything too ‘glittery’. The final product I tested was the Honey Bronze Lip Nectar, a sheer colour with a hint of sparkle, the colours are selected to complement tanned skin and give a final touch of glamour to Honey Bronze look.
As you can see I was thoroughly impressed with the Honey Bronze range, it really does suit the fairer skinned amongst us, and finally I can go for a sunkissed look this summer without looking like I’ve been tangoed – thank you The Body Shop! 
The Honey Bronze range consists of a Dry Shimmer Oil, Brilliance Powder, Bronzing Gel, Bronzing Power and Lip Gloss. Prices start from £9.50 and can be purchased online or in store now!

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