BLOGGING TIPS: 8 Handy Tips on how to blog consistantly throughout the year

It’s only in the last six months or so I’ve really begun to get organised with my blog. I used to write on a day-by-day basis, with no real structure to what I would be posting and when. This is all well and good as it meant I would write only about what I felt like at the time but also meant I would have big gaps between posts or struggle for inspiration. I decided as opportunities to write product reviews, sponsored posts and document local events became more frequent; I had to be a little more professional about it and make sure they were all completed on time.

So for this week’s Blogging Tips post, here is my handy guide to how I keep organised and motivated to blog throughout the year.

Stay Organised
I make sure I’m on top of my blogging ‘to-do’ list by keeping everything on a spreadsheet. It started off as a series of lists and grew from there. Every time I receive an item to review I note down the received date and the date posted on the blog to make sure everything has blogged about, as promised. I keep a list of posts ‘to-write’ and a note of my blog stats on my spreadsheet as well.

Write every idea down
I keep a notepad or my phone with me at all times to quickly jot down any sudden flashes of inspiration that can happen at any moment. It’s the most annoying thing to have an amazing idea and by the time I get home it’s completely forgotten so even if it’s just one word or a sentence I’ll jot it down for later. I have a notepad app on my phone where I write a list of blog post ideas on the run too.

Strike while the iron is hot
When blogging inspiration strikes, then blog! If I’m feeling in the zone I’ll write as much as many posts as can, amend my layout or chat to other bloggers to top up my blogging mojo! This then allows me to schedule a few for days I’m not feeling it or am too busy to post.

Take photos in bulk
I used to really struggle with taking photos for my blog. Working full time meant I would miss a lot of natural sunlight during the day (especially during the winter) which left my photo’s looking dull and uninspiring. I didn’t really have the money or space to set up proper lighting to I had to get organised with my blog photography. Now if I have some time and it’s a gorgeous sunny day, I’ll get the camera out and snap as many of my blog photo’s as possible, making sure to try different backdrops and scenery as I go. I even took some of my beauty products to Sandyballs in the New Forest to capture a different background for the shots. It’s all about mixing it up and getting the shot when you have good weather/lighting even if you’ll write the blog post later.

The Random Topic Jar
Going against the ‘organisational’ grain here, but if you are a blogger who likes to write at the spur of the moment a good way to find a sudden inspiration to posts is to put all your blog ideas into a jar and pull one out at random then you have your inspiration and topic to start writing from there.

Seasonal and Local inspiration
A good way to keep things fresh on the blog is to write about seasonal things going on, such as the fashion seasons, new beauty trends etc. Find out what’s happening in your local area and document your local events. There is always so much going on in Brighton I’m so lucky to have a constant stream of inspiration. I just need to pick up a local ‘what’s on’ guide to find a load of ideas to write about, from food festivals to the opening of a new bar – there is always something.

Time to do fun things & Relax
Of course with so much going on I need to take time away from my blog to have some fun, recoup my inspiration and take a break. I find if you have a full-on blogging schedule you’ll only burn out so don’t feel bad to take a break and you’ll be back feeling more inspired than ever in no time.

Have a plan to fill the gaps
When you do need a break, have a plan in place for that time away. I normally keep a minimum of 3-5 blog posts scheduled for whenever I need a little break. If you are going on holiday, maybe consider guest posts from other bloggers as well as a few scheduled posts to fill the gaps.

What are your top tips for keeping motivated with your blog? Get in touch!

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