GIVEAWAY: Beautiful for Summer Hamper

I have recently started on a massive health kick for the summer and decided to lose a bit of weight and so I have just signed up to Weight Watchers (which I’m finding really good so far – blog post to come!). With this I’ve been changing what I eat to create healthy meals that are both low in points and tasty too. One of my go-to guides has been the Florette Salad recipe book. It’s got some amazing ways to jazz up the classic salad and make things a lot more exciting, which really helps. 
The area I struggle is my sweet tooth, but I have two secret weapons… Firstly, Slim Fruits at just 2 calories per sweet are an amazing way to cure those sugar cravings. Black Sheep coffee also helps as this blend is rich and creamy with hints of walnut and dark chocolate. Both feel like a real treat for so little points, it’s fab. 
I think body confidence isn’t all about our size/weight so I’ve been taking some extra time to pamper myself and feel good about my body in other ways too. I’ve been having long pampering showers, sitting on the sofa in face masks and painting my nails pretty colours. I’m totally in love with the brand new Body Sorbets from the Body Shop for all over moisture, and to add a touch of glow to my skin I’ve been using the new Gradual Tan by organic company The Green People. I’m usually a bit worried about putting fake tan on my face but this is so subtle it’s ideal for me. 
So, I would like to invite you to join me in the quest for a ‘healthy and beautiful’ summer. I have put together a hamper of some of my favourite products at the moment so you can join me with a bit of a health kick and a pamper too! 
In the hamper you could win:
Florette Salad Recipe Book, Apron and Bag
5 boxes of Slim Fruits 
1 Packet of Black Sheep Coffee 
Organic Skin Polish Kit by The Green People (contains Vita Min Mask and Fruit Scrub)
Gradual Tan by The Green People
Moringa Body Sorbet from The Body Shop 
One runner up will also win: 
5 boxes of Slim Fruits 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

– Competition is open to UK residents only –


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