Health & Fitness Update #1 – Weight Watchers

So if you’ve been following my Instagram or Twitter, you will have noticed I’m on a bit of a health-kick at the moment. Since my life turned upside down around Christmas time, I had to cancel my gym membership for financial reasons and I spent a lot of the time eating out (and drinking more alcohol) as it was a tough time and I didn’t really have a settled routine. As the months went on the inevitable ‘new relationship weight’ occured, from one too many date nights with a pudding to share and a bottle of wine, weight gain was bound to happen.
I haven’t put a horrendous amount on, but it’s enough to feel pretty uncomfortable in myself and in my clothes, plus I miss feeling fit and healthy and that buzz you get from working-out too. So I’ve promised myself I’m not going to get too annoyed at myself by all of this and I’m certainly not going to beat myself up. I’ve been through a tough time and had so much to organise – thinking about my figure was the last thing on my mind! However, now we are settled into our nice little flat and have begun to calm down a bit I’ve decided it’s time to get back on the healthy bandwagon and get back into shape, ready for the summer and most importantly, our beach holiday in November.
So I thought it might be a fun idea to run a little series on my blog, all about health, fitness and weight loss. It’s more share stories and tips and keep motivated by joining together, so please do get involved. I have just just signed up for the second time with Weight Watchers (last time was around 6-7 years ago) and have been tracking my Weight Watchers Pro Points for around 10 days now. I’ve tried many diets in my time, everything from the Cabbage Soup diet to Atkins, however I’ve found the only one that works for me is Weight Watchers as it doesn’t stop you eating the things you love. I recently tried the 5:2 diet – oh god! It was just horrendous – days on just 500 calories left me feeling so grouchy and hating the world. It’s really not worth feeling so awful for.
What I love about Weight Watchers is that you can eat pretty much what you like, as long as you keep it within your points allowance. You also get ‘treat points’ for extras throughout the week which really works for me as naughty foods seem more of a treat than something to feel guilty about!
I’ve completed one weigh-in so far and lost 3lbs which I’m feeling really good about. I’m feeling lighter, more energetic and sleeping better already. On my first week I was good and stuck to my points all week, I tried the best tasting protein powder and then I had a meal out with friends where I had a couple of drinks and treated myself to a pudding too and I still lost 3lbs. It’s a really great plan.
I’m mixing Weight Watchers with Zumba and running to keep active and earn extra activity points too. Running wise I was disappointed after my first run that my fitness had slumped and I found 5k hard, however three runs later I’m feeling fitter already – I just needed to get back on track and it’ll come back.
So, thats my story so far – please do get in touch if you are on a health kick yourself, following any diet plan or fitness regime as it’s much more fun if we work together and help each other to stay motivated!

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