LUST: The June Wishlist

Recently, I’ve lost a little bit of weight through following Weight Watchers, so am thinking about being a little more confident with my clothing and pushing some boundaries. It’s time to step away from the classic jeans and tops and inject some style and colour into my look. Here are some items I’ve been lusting after for my home and wardrobe this June…. 
1. Floral Kimono from Lipsy – I’ve been seeing these gorgeous silky kimono’s in all the shops this season. I just love the floaty floral material, it’s so perfect for Summer evenings on the beach. I would team this with a black cami, shorts and sandals to add a bit of glamour to a casual daytime look.
2. Triangl – I’m obsessed with this Australian lingerie brand, I keep seeing pictures of stunningly bold lingerie across my Twitter/Instagram feed, which makes me just lust after a set of these in spearmint and black, or do I want the coral? Maybe I just want them all! 
3. Beige Satchel – This satchel from River Island is just gorgeous, practical and would go with most looks this season. 
4.  Revlon Parfumerie – I love this new range of scented nail polishes from Revlon. I’ve already snapped up a deep red shade, Bordeaux, but now I have my eyes on Ginger Melon. Such a cute summery colour and smells delicious too. Need to try this. 
5. Diamond Bangle – Why not add a touch of sparkle with this stunning silver and diamond bangle. As I’m working really hard to shade up I really want to treat myself to something special. 
6. Demin Shorts from H&M £14.99 – I’ve never really been a shorts person, if I’m honest I’ve never had the confidence to wear them. However, this year I’m determined to get myself into a pair by losing a little extra weight and running and also just being a little more confident about my figure. 
7. Yankee Candle in Pina Colada – with a tropical coconut and pineapple scent I could just close my eyes and feel like I’m laying on the beach with this gorgeous scent. 
What do you have your eye on this month? 

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