PHOTOGRAPHY: Colourful Brighton

Brighton is one of the most cultural, colourful cities in the UK. Around every corner you’ll see something original and unique, from street art to quirky little boutiques and bizarre tearooms. I’ve lived here for years and I’m still discovering something new everyday, you could never get bored in Brighton. I have to say that when I read that Lenstore’s blog post that had labelled graffiti as one of the most common ‘eyesores’ in Brighton I was quite surprised! I decided to take to the streets to see if my newfound photography skills (after my course last weekend!) could inject a little beauty into Brighton’s apparent ‘eyesores’. Graffiti is almost a dirty word, it makes you think of messy tags, scrawled on the side of a train station or bus stop. However, I think over time people’s perception of graffiti is changing, especially in Brighton. It’s now often referred to as Street Art and can be some of the most beautiful, intricate masterpieces you will see. Banksy was made famous from his pieces, such as kissing coppers, which was sold for £345,000 and removed from a Brighton Pub’s wall and shipped to Miami. Graffiti is becoming a new form of acceptable contemporary art. 
So, is it really still an eyesore? What do you think?  

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