BLOGGING TIPS: 8 Things to check before hit publish!

In my opinion, writing your content is only half of the work when it comes to an amazing blog post. If it’s full of mistakes, spelling errors and you haven’t done your homework it could look unprofessional, so checking your post is essential. You could look into a paper writing service too.  Here is my handy checklist of eight things to ensure before you hit ‘publish!’

  1. Have you proof read and spell checked your post? – This is so important! Look for spelling mistakes and make sure it flows naturally. My top tip is to read your blog post out loud, like you are talking to a friend. Then you can make sure it sounds right everything makes sense!
  1. Have you included an image? – Make sure you include at least one image within your post, not only as it makes your blog post look pretty, but it’s something you (and others) can pin to Pinterest later to draw traffic to your blog post. Adding a title onto the image will makes yours stand out on Pinterest even further.
  1. Is your title SEO friendly? – Does it include your focus keyword for this post? The content of your post should too. This helps Google to recognise what your post is about and increase your chances on it appearing higher up the search results. It’s also handy if people know what your post is about, so a good title is key!
  1. Have you added alt-text to your images? – This boosts your blog posts SEO, if you aren’t sure how to do this, I wrote a handy guide to adding alt-text to images last week!
  1. Have you included internal links? – It’s always good to include one or two internal links within your blog post (as in links back to your older blog posts) there are various reasons for this, firstly it boosts your SEO and secondly it helps keep your readers engaged and spend more time on your blog, meaning more page views and maybe if they enjoy what you write, more followers (woohoo!).
  1. Have you included any external links? – If you are reviewing a product or writing a sponsored post, make sure you have included the correct links to as required. Also make sure if the PR would like specific anchor text or whether to make it a follow/nofollow link (next week’s post is going to be about nofollow links if you are confused – stay tuned!)
  1. Have you tested your links? – Most importantly with links, test them all, it takes two seconds and there is nothing worse than a broken link.
  1. Does your post include a question? – Ensure your post is engaging by including a question, this helps to give readers something to chat about via comments and I find it fun to hear everyone’s point of view too!
So, if you’ve checked off this list, you should be good to go with your blog post – go ahead and hit publish!
If you would like more blogging tips and tricks, check out my handy blogging tips guide!  Please do comment with any other topics you would like me to cover!

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