Blogging Tips: Boost your SEO through images

So, we all know that adding images to blog posts is so important, not only to break the text up and make your blog look pretty, but did you know correctly labelled images also help to improve your blog post’s SEO too?  This in turn will increase readers and traffic to your blog, happy days! So, to help you I’ve written a handy guide on how to do this. Apologies to those who are on other platforms, this one is just for Blogger users (however I did find a handy guide for those on WordPress too, aren’t I nice?).
So what is ‘alt text?’
 When Google looks at your image, it needs you to describe to it exactly what your image is of. If that label isn’t there, it will bypass your image and this will not be listed on Google image searches. So, we need to tell Google what is in your image using words. When you run a Google image search for example for ‘The Body Shop Hand Cream’, Google will be searching for the alt text not actually what is in the images. 
To get the best from your alt text label, it’s good to add your blog posts keywords. For a beauty review like this, I’ve added The Body Shop Hand Creams, covering both keywords ‘The Body Shop’ and ‘Hand Creams’ or both! 
How do I add this to blog posts?

Blogging Tips - Adding Alt Text to Images

Step One: When you click on your image, select Properties 
Blogging Tips - Adding Alt Text to Images
 Step Two: Add an image title and alt text, using the keywords from your blog post

So, there we go! You should now be able to go and add both titles and alt text to every single picture you post on your blog. If you have time you can go back over old posts and add these vital tags, it’ll be a little time consuming but worth it for the SEO.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! For more handy tips and tricks, see the rest of my Blogging tips series.

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