Whats in my handbag – Summer 2014 update!

I often get asked where my handbag is from and how I manage with such a tiny bag, so I thought I would do another ‘Whats in my handbag’ style post. I have done one of these posts before, but it’s about a year ago now and things have changed quite a lot. If you see my old Whats in my Handbag 2013 post you’ll see I carried around such a massive bag with waayy too much stuff in! That thing used to give me backache and was always too tempting to pack full to the brim so I decided to downsize and pack light it’s been working just fine! I actually manage to cram in quite a bit for a small bag. 

My bag is from the gorgeous Ollie & Nic, one of my favourite bag shops in Brighton that is soon to be closing it’s doors! Sad times. I have about 3 or 4 Ollie and Nic bags so it was such a shame to hear they are closing, I’m just hoping they will still trade online. 

Right, so in my bag I have:

The Regular Stuff
Keys – with my cute handmade llama and ‘I love Peru’ keyrings, both bought from little shops in Peru.
Purse – Always overflowing with receipts, vouchers and I’m a bit of a loyalty card queen, I’ve got one for every shop you can think of! If there’s a discount voucher going, it’ll be in there too.
Phone – My trusty Samsung Galaxy S4, I couldn’t be without it. I actually feel a bit nervous if I go out without it, how awful! My case was designed by Mr Nutcase and I wrote a review of this about a month ago.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Blusher and Brush – an essential for a quick bronze on the go, it’s also a handy little mirror.
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Lip Gloss – I love this shade as it goes with everything and compliments tanned skin. I’m not exactly sunkissed but it gives me a nice natural glow.
Lipsticks – Currently I’m carrying around my two favourite shades Maybelline Colour Sensational in 422 Coral Tonic – a cute summery coral and Bourjois Rouge Edition in 13 Rouge Set which is a vibrant red for more of a glamorous look.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel – a handbag must-have! I love this antibacterial handwash as it smells gorgeous and doesn’t dry out my skin. Really important to have especially now I’m often taking the dog out for a walk (I won’t say any more) or for a quick freshen up before lunch at work.
OPI Cuticle Oil – My skin gets so dry so I love a touch of this on the run to give them a silky moisture boost.

Compeed Blister Plasters – another essential, I carry with me the Jordi Labanda Blister Relief plasters which are so handy as they are completely clear, you can wear them with sandals or any types of shoe. They give instant pain relief and stop shoes from rubbing, I honestly don’t know how I survived without these in my life! They also come in a handy little container which pops into the pocket of my bag.

Hair Grips and Bands – The bottom of my bag is usually littered with spare hairbands, hair grips and clips, always good to have.

So, that’s what’s inside my handbag – what essential items do you carry around?
I love these posts as I’m really nosey, so do let me know if you’ve done one too!

– Post contains PR Samples from The Body Shop, Compeed and Mr Nutcase

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