HOME: A handy guide to decluttering

I’m not normally one for an infographic, however when I saw this handy guide to decluttering my house, my ears pricked up. Just recently, I have been spending my weekends trawling through boxes and boxes of stuff after moving in with Vanessa. It’s so difficult trying to combine two people’s worth of stuff into one small one bedroom flat as we really don’t have a lot of storage space, so I found this really handy.
I especially found the ‘Keep, Sell, Donate, Throw’ section useful. This is how I’ve been organising all of my things. I’ve taken about 10 bags to the charity shop now and the more valuable bits went on eBay. Of course somethings I didn’t want to get rid of so we had to compromise on space to keep all of our sentimental items. I think if I ever moved again I would hire a removal company to do it all for me as it’s pretty stressful, but we are getting there. 

Whats your top tip on decluttering?

– Post written in collaboration with Ecomovers

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