HOME: How to remove a Yankee Candle Wax Tart & some cool summer scents!

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts are my absolute favourite for making my home smell lovely. In my opinion they have a stronger scent to the classic Yankee Candle, plus the burner looks lovely too on my coffee table. The wax tarts are relatively cheap at around £1 per tart so you can experiment with scents a lot easier than buying a candle jar (which cost up to around £20!). Each tart can be used more than once and when you are done, it’s time to try another scent!

The only problem with it was I was finding the wax went everywhere when I tried to remove it from the top of the burner. The guidelines say to wait until the wax has cooled then run a knife or scalpel around it to remove the used wax. I tried this and quite frankly made a real mess, especially with the black/dark coloured wax tarts. So  after trying a few different techniques, I found a really handy little secret to remove your tart quickly and easily!

Step 1: Burn your Yankee Candle as usual, above is the Black Coconut scent – one of my favourites this summer but as it’s black wax you have to be careful you don’t get it on anything as it’s potentially quite messy!

Step 2: When you are finished with your wax tart, blow out the tealight and wait for the wax to completely solidify.

Step 3: This is the secret tip – pop your Yankee Candle burner in the freezer for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Your Yankee Candle wax tart will just pop out of the burner leaving little or no residue on the burner! Ta daa!

Step 5: You are ready to start again with the next scent.

Perfectly clean burner after 5 minutes in the freezer
Hope this helps, I know I spent quite some time trying to carve out the wax with a knife when I first bought my burner!
I will leave you with some of my top summer scents at the moment…
Which is your favourite scent this Summer?

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