LIFE: Handy Home Storage Ideas

Living in quite a small flat, it’s important to find handy ways to store things as it can very quickly get messy and cluttered. Storage in Ealing is quite easy to find. For non-essential items, I boxed them up and sent them to a storage unit for their protection. It also allowed me to have a clutter-free home. I also found some really pretty ideas for storing everyday items that are decorative as well as functional, which have really cut the clutter.
 LIVING ROOM: Yankee Candle Tart Holder – Glass jar from John Lewis. I’m absolutely addicted to Yankee Candle Wax Tarts and used to have them scattered everywhere in my coffee table drawers. Now they are in this pretty glass jar which looks colourful and bright on the side too.
BATHROOM: This glass jar I picked up for just a couple of pounds from Pound Stretcher! I couldn’t believe how pretty it was for such a bargain. I keep all my cotton pads in here in the bathroom, which looks a lot tidier than having the plastic packet they come in hanging up.
KITCHEN: I hate when food like biscuits or crackers go stale, so I’ve recently discovered these handy POP containers from Oxo Grips. They are completely air tight and lock down by pressing the handy button on the top. The storage containers are stackable, and space efficient which is perfect for our tiny kitchen. They come in all shapes and sizes for pasta, biscuits, herbs, spices and more. They are slightly higher-end with prices ranging from £7.50 – £16.50 but for me they are totally worth the investment as they keep our food so fresh!
– OXO Grips Pop containers were sent to me as PR samples however all opinions are my own

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