LIFE: ‘The year I said yes’ by Printrbook

Printrbook - Instagram photos in print
I’ve had an amazing year so far, in fact it’s been one of the best in my life. So when I was contacted by Printrbook to make a printed book of my Instagram account I jumped at the chance! Printrbook offer a way to keep your Instagram pictures forever in print, the books are a handy 10cm x 11cm in size and contain up to 50 photos. The hardest part for me was choosing which to include! 
So, I hurried onto the website and got creating my book. It’s a really simple website to navigate around, you log into Instagram which brings up your photos. You then select your top 50 to include and click preview – it’s handy as you can go back and make as many changes as you need to. The preview is a PDF of your book which I found a really good way to view your book before you press print! You can chose whether to have captions turned off or on and to time/date the photos. I left these options on as I wanted to remember when each one was taken and where. 
You then chose a title for your book. I chose ‘ The year I said yes’ which makes me immediately think about getting engaged (which was one of the biggest moments of my year so far) but this goes deeper than that. This year I’ve said ‘yes’ to so many more experiences than I usually would have done a few years ago, I’ve trekked the Inca Trail, terrified myself on a plane over the Nazca lines, been to a Eurovision party dressing in a Union Jack dress and more. This year really has been about pushing the boundaries and new experiences, so it seemed perfect to call it ‘The year I said yes’. 
So, here are my favourite pages of my Printrbook (although I love it all really!)
Printrbook - Instagram photos in print
Peru – pushing boundaries by flying over the Nazca Lines 
Printrbook - Instagram photos in print
How many people can we cram into a tree in Peru, Eurovision Party and hanging out with Lauren of Belle Du Brighton at my first overnight blogger event 
Printrbook - Instagram photos in print
Colourful times at London Pride 
Printrbook - Instagram photos in print
And of course the big YES – my engagement ring. I wish I could print all the lovely comments on this photo too!
PrintrBooks cost £10 plus shipping worldwide – plus the lovies at Printrbook have given us a 10% discount off orders with the code ‘FIZZY10’, bargain! So, you can create your own book and print Instagram photos to keep forever on their website now!

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