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Recently, I’ve been reflecting on another side of blogging. It seems that there is a common misconception about what really goes on behind the scenes of writing a blog. Although blogging is one of my favourite things in the world, it can actually at times be frustrating, stressful and leave me feeling pretty down. It’s really great to see that recently there have been a few bloggers expressing their opinions on this and a few thought provoking blog posts so on contemplating this, I thought I would share my two pence too. 

It seems that the majority of people think that bloggers live a perfect life, we all bounce from blogger event to product launch, nibbling on cake-pops and drinking Starbucks Frappucino’s en route (which are of course, all Instagramed). We all have perfect homes, delicately scented with Yankee candles and scattered with floral cushions. Plus of course we all own a large make-up storage area and have perfect hair and makeup ALL THE TIME, even first thing in the morning. Well, sorry to shatter that illusion but that really isn’t how it goes.

Blogging is HARD WORK. I spend hours and hours in my spare time putting together posts, as well as a balancing a busy full time job. I didn’t receive a freebie*, sponsored post or an invite to an event for a good 8 months to start with. I started this blog as a hobby and feel utterly blessed and overwhelmed that people enjoy reading it and keep coming back for more. I really didn’t expect my blog to grow and bring me so many amazing opportunities but I’m grateful for them all. It’s such a big part of my life, and I’ll admit at times it gets unmanageable. Aside from all the blog posts there are emails to be answered, photos to be taken. For me, I suffer with a huge amount of pressure around this, I continually feel if I leave my blog a few days I have to post, there is a feeling of needing too keep up. Sometimes life just isn’t like that – things get in the way, or maybe I don’t feel like posting. Sometimes that doesn’t seem like an option, the pressure can be relentless. I loved Michelle from Daisy Butter’s post about this about this, she writes when she feels inspired and accepts the time she doesn’t feel like it, I could take a leaf or two from her book! 

The life of a blogger means blogging on the go, multitasking and trying to fit everything in 

Going back to pressures, I’ve had PR’s chasing reviews a few days after receiving a product and have more than once bitten off more than I can chew with collaborations. I do this as I am truly passionate about blogging and wish I could fit everything in, but there just aren’t the hours in the day and I have had to learn to realise this. I could relate to Rosie of Rosie Outlook on her recent post as I have definitely been guilty of taking on too many collaborations. I know that sometimes bloggers take on sponsored posts that don’t 100% suit their blog style, I’m sure I have too. But a lot of bloggers (including myself at times) struggle to make ends meet. In my opinion, if they take on the odd sponsored post to help with that, I don’t blame them! 
I’ve also noticed is there is quite a lot of jealousy when it comes to blogging. Maybe the image of having a perfect life, getting all the ‘freebies’* and being invited to top events makes it appear we don’t have a care in the world – I don’t really know. Again, it’s not really like that. I have my fair share of problems like everyone, I’m often feeling stressed out by situations at work or at home. I have my share of insecurities, body image worries and more! I quite often I feel nervous about posting certain topics (like this) and putting so much of my life out on the internet, it can leave me feeling quite vulnerable. I never thought my blog would grow to the size it has so I kind of feel I’m riding that wave right now, not really knowing where it’ll take me next and thats kinda daunting. However, on a more positive note my blog is an escape, my passion and the best thing I’ve ever done. I am so proud of my little online space, I wouldn’t change a thing. Writing is my therapy, it makes me happy. Carrie of Carrie Brighton had the right idea in her post when she said ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. I really don’t mean to paint such a rose-tinted picture of life,  but this is my happy place and it should be allowed to be so without being subject to negativity. 
On the topic of the freebies, I was absolutely horrified when I read about Hannah from Away with the Fairies run in with the Daily Mail. They interviewed her for an article she thought about blogging, but in true Daily Fail style twisted the poor girls words and insinuated she was a ‘self-entitled little brat with her head full of fantasies’. The article ‘The complacent Generation’ stated 20-somethings expect everything for nothing, with over-inflated ego’s from blogging and social media, when actually Hannah has worked hard for where she is and quite rightly has a successful blog. They would have known that if they had done their research! 
What I am trying to say here is that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with blogging, more than I could ever write in one post, but most of us are in it for the same reason. It’s a passion, a hobby that is amazing and makes a lot of people happy, I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging (hey lovelies!). Whether you blog or not we are all real people, with real emotions, lives and situations and shouldn’t be made to feel bad for doing well. Lets celebrate each other and our achievements for the right reason and learn support fellow bloggers without bringing them down, as we are all in it together and without each other we’d have nothing.
 * insert sarcasm here 😉
My amazing blogging girls

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