BEAUTY: Memebox #45 – Koreas Most Wanted Beauty Box

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know I’m utterly obsessed with Korean make-up, particularly these awesome beauty boxes from Memebox. Sent straight from Korea, they offer you a way to sample Korean brands delivered all the way from the far east to your doorstep.
This is my second Memebox now and I haven’t been disappointed – the products are cute, different and really good value for money. I genuinely love giving them all a try and wouldn’t have had a clue as to where to buy a lot of the products, so it’s a fun way to discover new things. My first box was the ‘Burst of Colour box’ which is fab – I use the products daily so couldn’t wait to try another box.
The Koreas Most Wanted box includes the best of the best of K-Beauty, featuring the hottest Korean trends in make-up and skincare. The value of the box is over $100, with the box on sale for $32, it’s amazingly good value for money too.
Here was the contents my Koreas Most Wanted Memebox!



Rejuvenating Purple Berry Patting Water ( $46)
I had never heard of or used patting water before so I was excited to give this a try. You dilute the fruity berry scented liquid into a basin of water and mix well. After this you repeatedly pat this into your skin for 30 seconds to help the mixture absorb into your skin. It’s like a toner, you don’t rinse it off, the patting water absorbs into the skin leaving a soft, silky finish. I found this a really refreshing way to hydrate my skin, especially if it’s used with cool water it’s a real refreshing sensation! Whether or not it’s improved firmness and elasticity I’m not sure, but it’s a cute, fresh product I’ll use now and again for a skincare treat.
Pure Skin Lemon and Blueberry Rejuvenating Overnight Mask ($46) 
I was really excited about this product my skins been getting really dry overnight, however I was intrigued to know how an overnight mask would work as I pictured waking up to the mask smeared all across my pillow! However, this is like a super thick intense night cream (the colour and consistency reminds me of custard) which absorbs into the skin meaning no messy pillow cases, just super hydrated skin! The cream acts as a barrier, allowing the superfood extracts to soak into your skin throughout the night. I’m so impressed with this and haven’t tried anything similar – really love this product, it leaves my skin feeling amazing in the morning, rejuvenated and hydrated without being overly greasy or breaking out – it truly is a miracle product!
Makeup Helper Pact in Lovely Butterfly ($23)
Makeup helper is the cutest compact I’ve ever seen! I just love the design. The compact includes a finishing powder enriched with lemon balm  and 7 different flower extracts and powder puff, perfect for completing any look. It’s a little on the light side for me but will perfect in the winter when my skin is at it’s palest. It offers a soft, flawless finish that smells gorgeous too. The packaging is so cute I can’t wait to pop this in my handbag and use the handy mirror on the run too.
Shara Shara Tinted Lip Gloss ($11) 
I was a bit shocked by this bright pink lip gloss when I first opened the box, however I’ve since tried it a few times and it’s really grown on me! The amazing thing about this lipgloss is it lasts for such a long time, the colour really absorbs into the lips and only really came off when I used make-up remover! Most lip glosses I use are gone within an hour so this was really impressive. A bright shade but paired with the right look it’s really pretty!
Pure Skin Ice Cooling and Soothing Patch x 5 ($18)
This is the only of the products I haven’t used yet – designed to sooth your skin after exposure to the sun, I haven’t really had the opportunity to try them yet! However, I am going to be packing them in my suitcase for Cape Verde in November as my skin is prone to sunburn, heat rash and irritation in the hot weather, so I look forward to giving them a go!
Overall I really enjoyed this months Memebox –  I’ll use all the products and have enjoyed the chance to try something new. Looking forward to September’s box already!
You can order Memebox online, it’s charged in dollars however if you use Paypal this helps with the international payment. Postage is much quicker than you’d think from Korea. Give them a go!
Have you tried Memebox (or any Korean beauty products) – What did you think?

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