BEAUTY: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

I think the lovely ladies at The Body Shop must have taken note when I was telling them how constantly tired I’ve been when I saw them a couple of weeks ago at London Fashion Week, as shortly afterwards this little beauty popped through my door. Hallelujah! Finally something to try and sort out my dark circles and fine lines which are developing more and more every night, I swear. This is the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate (£18), a nifty little stick which is used to instantly refresh the eyes, and smooth the appearance of fine lines, bags and signs of fatigue. It is also to gives a ‘youth-enhancing boost’, giving the appearance of younger looking eyes. I don’t have a huge amount of lines around my eyes but I’ve noticed as I head towards 30 they are becoming more prominent, so I’m all for tackling them now before they really start to develop. I really couldn’t wait to give this a go!
On first impressions this looks like a rollerball applicator. I gave it a go and rolled it across my eyes and absolutely no product had come out at all. After looking at it again, I then I realised it has a sweet little pump action which is handy as you can dispense just as much product as you need. Once I’d worked that out I applied the formula in a sideways figure of 8 shape around the contours of my eyes, patting the area just lightly to help in any excess formula absorb into the skin. This gave an instant cooling sensation which I really need at the moment, because when I’m tired my eyes go so red and sore. As the formula absorbed into my skin I felt a tightening and firming sensation, but not excessively, it’s highly moisturising too. 
After using this product religiously morning and night for a couple of weeks, I really do think it’s making a difference to my under eye area, it really helps to smooth my skin first thing in the morning before I apply my make-up and is a lovely cooling treat on my extra tired eyes last thing at night. It’s so perfect for those days after a late night and although it’s too early to tell yet, I am hoping it’s helping reduce the more permanent fine lines and wrinkles too.  This is a product that is now a staple in my routine and I would highly recommend it, for all ages. 
You can buy the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate online or in store now! 
– PR Sample, however all opinions are my own

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