CRAFTING: Let’s talk about Loom Bands

So, today I want to talk to you about Loom Bands. Yes, you heard that right, and yes I am nearly 30 years old and talking about what are technically children’s toys, Loom Bands. I definitely didn’t think looming would ever be for me, however over the summer I succumbed the the craze for a bit of fun. I decided to make some rainbow coloured bracelets for everyone attending our little house party for Brighton Pride, and loom bands seemed to be the right option for these. Cheap, simple and easy to make – we had around 20 guests coming so I needed something I could make quite quickly. I bought a simple pack of colours and starting making basic loom bands like the Rainbow Fishtail, by just using my fingers (instead of loom) as I watched the TV in the evenings. It was really fun to do, addictive and I enjoyed creating something nice for my friends. Plus, everyone loved them too, they were a nice little addition to our party! 

Suddenly the addiction took over me and I found myself googling and pinning loom patterns. Basic patterns didn’t seem enough so I started to learn more complex patterns. It’s not just bracelets you can make, but cute little figurines, keyrings, phone covers….even a dress has been made with loom bands (and sold for  about £250,000!) I was well and truly hooked. 
When top loom band company Rainbow Braid kindly asked if I wanted to review their huge set over over 18 colours, I jumped at the chance as I could expand my addiction and try a few patterns on a loom too. Their kit is super impressive, with 5400 bands, 18 colours and 250 clips. Glitters, Neons, pastels… everything is included in this set…..oh the possibilities for different creations! The colours all come in individual bags too which is so handy as separating the colours takes half the time. Rainbow braid bands are also free from lead and phthalates – I’ve read numerous articles about the cheaper bands containing all sorts of nasty chemicals, which you want to avoid, especially if they are for children, so these are perfect. 

Just a few of my looming creations

Overall, this is a really fun little hobby. I don’t spend a huge amount of time looming, with work, my blog and other things, but it’s nice to get them out on a rainy day or after a long day at work as it’s more therapeutic then you imagine! There are some fab tutorial videos on Youtube and Pinterest and it’s simple to learn. If I had children this would be such a lovely thing to do together, and I’m thinking of buying a set for a friend of mines little girl soon too. 
Do check out Rainbow Braid Loom Bands if you are shopping about, the market is full of cheap loom bands but it’s worth buying quality as some companies really do sell some cheap, nasty rubbish. 
Have you succumbed to the loomin’ marvellous craze yet?

-Post written in collaboration with Rainbow Braid, 
however all words and opinions my own

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