FITNESS: What would you want your legacy to be? #Leaveyourlegacy

Autumn seems to be the season we all switch off a little from fitness and health and hibernate into chunky knit jumpers and coats and scarves for the rest of the year. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t put on a few pounds once the Pumpkin Spice Latte is released as Starbucks… it’s just what happens, right? 
Well, I’m definitely feeling it. In fact, the change in season has left me feeling so tired and lethargic, something had to change! Just when I was pondering what I could do to shake myself out of this ‘tiredness rut’ (you know when you have one bad nights sleep after another and feel constantly tired?) when  sports company Legacy got in touch to ask if I would like to be part of their #leaveyourlegacy challenge. 
It’s a big question ‘What would you want your legacy be?’ – Do I want to be remembered for being tired all the time and slightly snappy, or my usual bubbly happy chilled self? The later of the two please! I eagerly wrote back asking them to count me in (and thanking them for sending me the wake up call that I so badly needed!) and started to think about the challenge. 
So, The challenge itself includes setting 4 goals to improve my way of life and be the best version of my myself over the next month, and keep you all updated via my blog and social media along the way. You are of course welcome to join in too (please let me know if you do – the more the merrier!).
And as for the goals, here’s what I will be focusing on this month:

1. Join the gym and go regularly – I have already been to my local gym, signed up and had my induction. I found out I can actually run much further than I thought I could so I’m feeling really motivated to work on my running. Luckily the gym has these cool screens on the treadmill, where you can set an area of the world to ‘run’ around in. As you run on the treadmill you explore the chosen destination – fab! Keeps me entertained for hours. When I’m not on the treadmill, I am working on my strength using the free weights and machines too. Lastly, I’ll sign up for some classes just to mix things up – Body Pump and Step are my favourite! 
2. Take time out to meditate/de-stress – My mind is always on the go. If I’m not at work, I’ll be thinking about other things, like checking my social media, plotting my next blog post or worrying about something that is probably quite trivial. My little cogs just never stop turning, and night time is the worst – I just can’t switch off. I’ve found listening to hypnotherapy music/recordings and chill out music before bed really helpful. Hypnotherapy tracks are easily downloadable online, or through the app store and Chill out music is free through Spotify. There is a ‘Daily Yoga’ app that is fantastic too, this incorporates Yoga and meditation and is easy to do at home. Taking this time away from my constant over-thinking is bliss and really helps me to recharge my batteries so I’m going to take 20 minutes a day to de-stress and have some ‘me time’. 
3. Work on getting a better night’s sleep – Once I’m awake at night I just can’t get back to sleep, I lay there and lay there just getting more frustrated by the minute. I starting counting how many hours I have left before I have to get up and just get annoyed. I’ve been reading up on Insomnia and every single book/website says the worst possible thing to do when you can’t sleep is just lay there. They all recommend getting up and doing something, preferably something using your hands as that keeps the brain occupied but not too stimulated as you get sleepy again. So if I’m having a bad night’s sleep I’m going to try crocheting or some light exercise. Before bed, I’ll also stick to my night time routine for a better nights sleep.

4. Learn to love my body, including it’s imperfections – I am my own worst enemy when it comes to my body. I could easily list a long list of things I don’t like about myself, but I find it hard to pick out the positives. This is a really unhealthy mindset, so I’m going to try my best (even though it feels totally unnatural to me) to find something I like about myself, every day. I have challenged myself to look in the mirror daily and pick out something positive about myself like ‘Your hair looks lovely today’ or ‘I have really nice eyes’, or something about myself that isn’t about looks for example ‘I’m a really good blogger’ to remember the good things about myself. I loved Youtuber Michelle Phan’s video about being one of a kind. I watch that when I’m having a low moment, she’s so sweet!
For taking part in the challenge, the kind people at Legacy sent me a few items from their womenswear range to get me started with my first goal of going back to the gym (thanks guys!). 
I went for the Legacy Training Vest in Coral. This is perfect in the gym as it’s not too tight, long enough to keep covered and really lightweight. The material is so soft and lets the skin breath, which is essential for those high intensity classes like body pump or step class, I also loved the bright colour. For bottoms, I went for the Women’s Full Length Leggings. I went for these because  as we come into winter I prefer a long leg, but they have to be the right material that lets the skin breath too.
Legacy have some really great items in their range, the items I have so far feel really great quality and  I can really notice the difference in the fabric to some of the cheaper work-out gear I already had, it’s worth spending that bit extra. If you fancy some new work-out gear yourself, they  have kindly offered my readers a discount on the website of 30% using the code fizzypeaches30 at the checkout!  
So what do you want your legacy to be?
 If you want to follow my progress I’ll be writing about it over on my Twitter and Instagram too 🙂 

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