HAIR: Faith in Nature Shampoo & Conditioner

Since becoming a blogger, I’ve definitely gained an awareness to the the chemicals and additives in our beauty products. Its shocking to find out certain ingredients are added to our hair and beauty products (see this very bizarre list!), so I’ve started checking the labels before I buy. There are so many blogs out there who review purely eco-friendly, organic products and I wish I could say I do too, but I’m not quite there yet – I’ve started to try and do my bit by using eco-friendly products, where I can.
Faith in Nature is a brand I know I can trust. They boast the certified organic, vegan and cruelty free official logos, so we can be sure that there aren’t any hidden nasties in there. They offer a vast range of products from haircare to body and skincare, plus they also have a lovely range designed especially for babies. Faith in Nature have great ethics too, they believe in doing good in every way they can, to their customers, to nature and the planet and in every way they run their business. They have really thought of every little detail. 
I was recently asked to review their haircare range, so excitedly I took to their website to chose a product or two. Their haircare range comes so many delicious flavours, from fruity Pomegranate  or Coconut scents to sumptuous chocolate, it was hard to chose just one! After spending quite some time on the website, I decided on Pineapple and Lime as it sounded tropical and fruity, according to the website it’s ‘sunshine in a bottle’ which sounded like the perfect pick-me-up as we drift into the murkier Autumn season.
I was kindly sent both the shampoo and conditioner, which come in decently sized 400ml bottles and continuing with the overall eco-friendly vibe, the bottles are recycled too. The products are all created from natural ingredients, which contain no nasty chemicals like SLES, SLS or Parabens, they are also not synthetically coloured or fragranced either. 
So, with all of that in mind, what did I think of the range? On first impressions I was really impressed with the packaging, style and appearance of the product. Using the product I noticed it has a gorgeous fruity smell, it’s amazing to think is completely natural – the scent really fragranced my hair for some time after using the product too which was a nice touch.  I did notice that the shampoo didn’t quite lather as much as I would expect from a shampoo however this is to do with the natural ingredients, at first I slathered more on to work up a lather, realising after a couple of washes I didn’t need to do that, it worked just fine without the huge cloud of bubbles on my head! As for the conditioner, for a natural product is highly moisturising, it soaked into my dry hair leaving it soft and silky. This was the impressive part as I’ve found quite a few natural products just don’t cut it with my hair and I’m often left with a frizzy finish. 
Overall, I’ve loved using my Faith in Nature products so far and when I’ve finished these, I want to try the coconut and chocolate fragrances too! I’m also tempted by their skincare range. 
Faith in Nature Shampoo and Conditioner retails at £5.50 per bottle and you can order online, or there is a list of local stockists on their website too. 

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