HALLOWEEN: Planning a Burlesque Halloween Party!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram & Twitter, you will see that I’m nervously awaiting the purchase of my first ever home to go through… We have literally been on the edge of our seats as we nervously wait for all the boring bits like the mortgage, surveys and paperwork to go through – I just want those keys in my hand! In the meantime, I can’t help but get carried away with planning, pinning – (oh yes lots of pinning) ideas for my new home, from home decor to housewarming parties and everything in between. I can’t wait!  

We won’t have time now to hold a Halloween party and our flat at the moment is a building site, so instead I thought I’d have a little daydream here about how my perfect Halloween dinner party would be….plus I found out Atlantic Shopping are holding a competition for the best Halloween dinner party ideas, with a prize of £500 of vouchers so combining the two seemed a perfect idea! Maybe if I win I could turn my daydream into a reality in my new house next year….! Here’s hoping!

My Theme

I’ve always wanted to hold a burlesque party, so why not combine it with a Halloween theme. Burlesque can have quite a dark, sinister side, so I would invite my bestest of friends to dress accordingly, thinking corsets, black netting, dead brides, crazed ringleaders and more. There are so many possibilities, you could really go to town with the outfit and it’s fun to do something different and more glamorous than the classic ‘witches, cats and ghosts’ halloween outfits! 

Pinterest has so many fabulous Halloween ideas for food. Scrap the main course, I would just make  lots of spooky burlesque sweet treats like cupcakes, macarons or these rather cute white chocolate strawberry ghosts! Everyone could bring a dish which would be a fun idea to see what everyone comes up with! 


Aah, drinks are my favourite bit! There are so many different Halloween cocktail ideas and most of them fit with the Burlesque theme too. I just loved these ‘Bloody Shirley Temple‘ cocktails, which come with a syringe full of Grenedine!

Of course, it wouldn’t really be a party if we didn’t have a dining room table (which we don’t) so if I won I think we’d pick this Boston Dining Set, which would look stylish in our new place.

I love Halloween and am sad to be missing out this year…
Here’s a picture of me in my Halloween outfit four years ago, just for fun! 
What will you be doing this year?

– Post written as an entry to the Atlantic Shopping competition

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