LIFE: A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

Cook a late breakfast and eat it in bed
Take a long walk through the autumn leaves
Watch a classic movie 
Lose yourself crafting and making 
Take some time out to just be on your own 
Go for a country drive 
Listen to uplifting music, sing or dance like no one is watching 
Have a long hot bath and pamper yourself 
Do some light exercise like yoga, tai chi or pilates 
Have a social media detox and switch off from the world 
Cook and eat comforting, healthy food 
Call an old friend 
Prepare for the week ahead but don’t stress or worry about it
Have an early night 
Sometimes life just moves too fast, you have to make time to do things that make you happy and forget about the week ahead! Take some time out for you this Sunday and start the week happy, chilled and ready to take on the world!
Happy Sunday everyone! 

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