PETS: Robbie the black lab’s ‘Doggy Day Out’

As you’ll know if you’ve been reading my blog a while, when I got together with Vee, I adopted her doggy Robbie as my own and it really is like having our own little baby. He even calls me his Step-Mummy now (ok, maybe we do)  and I feel like like I’ve got to know his funny little personality and he’s got to know me too. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, when I first met Robbie I looked after him for a weekend and realised dog-keeping isn’t just a walk in the park. I learnt about what a huge commitment they can be and you have to think of them for every situation, it was an eye opener for sure! I wrote a blog post about called 12 things I’ve learnt since owning a dog and that list is still growing! He is so worth it though, I never knew until I met Robbie, just how much joy and love they really can bring you. I miss his little face when I’m at work all day and it just wouldn’t feel right to open the front door without the ‘pitter patter’ of his little feet on the wood floor and to be jumped on as I open the door with a warm, friendly lick and a bark. When I’m feeling blue he’ll snuggle up to me on bed and keep me warm, he’s also a very good listener.
To show him how much he means to me, we decided to go on an adventure and take him out for a ‘Doggy Day Out’. We went to the park, played fetch (until I lost his ball… oops) then indulged ourselves in cupcakes at Brighton’s very own Doggy Cafe. We also took him to the pet shop where he was spoilt rotten with new toys, treats and even some top-notch doggy haircare products too. Photo’s just wouldn’t do the day justice, so I made a little video of our day together, which I hope you enjoy….!
A big thank you to Argos Pet Insurance for collaborating with me on Robbie’s Doggy Day Out!

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