BRIGHTON: Bloggers Christmas at Coast to Coast

I’m always up for Christmas dinner, whatever day of the week, any time of year! So naturally, I was  super excited to be invited along to Coast to Coast for a special bloggers sneak preview of the Christmas Food and Cocktail Menu. Coast to Coast is an American Diner, located right on the boardwalk of Brighton Marina and is the perfect place to grab dinner before a movie, or if you just fancy a meal out of central Brighton. I quite often visit the marina as it’s more relaxed, it’s beautiful (especially in summer) and there is tons of free parking too. I’ve been to Coast to Coast a few times too as the milkshakes and burgers are just amazing. 
Firstly, we had some truly scrumptious Christmas cocktails made for us. There was a delicious warm cider mixed with gingerbread spice, an orange and white chocolate martini (think alcoholic jaffa cakes!) and their take on the classic eggnog, just to name a few. I had made a huge error, as I was the designated driver for the evening, but I had a little mini-sip of each one, I’ll have to go back for the real thing soon as they were delicious! 
Food wise, we were treated to nearly the entire Christmas Menu, it really was quite a feast! First up was the Goats Cheese Bruschetta Bites. Goats cheese is one of my favourite and with the pesto this was absolutely delicious, I had to stop myself eating more than one as I knew how much food was awaiting us! Next up was the Mushroom Risotto, the vegetarian option. It was such great homely comfort -food that was delicately flavoured and wasn’t overly mushroom-y. I enjoyed trying this one as it wouldn’t be something I’d normally order, even for a vegetarian. Next up, the girls enjoyed Maple Bacon Burgers, they looked amazing I think if I ever ate meat that would be where I’d start! Being veggie, the lovely chef’s gave me a whole portion of Sweet potato fries, which were gone in minutes – so morish! Lastly, we had a whole Turkey Roast Dinner to share between us, again being veggie I didn’t take part in this one but I was so full from all the rest of the treats. The other girls enjoyed it though!
Feeling full to the brim, the food just didn’t stop coming! For desert we were served the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake, which was a proper American baked cheesecake served with Oreo Ice cream and cream. I have a real sweet tooth so this was my favourite part of the meal, I ate the lot! (I really don’t know where I put it!) And then, just as we were all entering a food coma, we were given our very last treat – the Snowman cocktail to round-off and finish our Christmas culinary journey. Made with Oreo’s for eyes, matchmakers for arms and a tiny carrot for a nose, this cutie tasted like a rich white chocolate alcoholic milkshake and is a desert in itself! Delicious!
Big thanks to the team at Coast to Coast for inviting us all, we had such a lovely time! 

 Coast to Coast isn’t just in Brighton, they have restaurants dotted across the country so if you fancy a Christmas feast, the menu can be found here.  
Have you been to Coast to Coast before? If so, what did you think?

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