GUEST POST: Hugh reviews The Green People’s Range for Men

As a retired blogger myself I was very excited when my friend Lyndsay AKA Fizzy Peaches invited me to guest blog for her (although she quickly vetoed my suggestion for a ‘Fuzzy Peaches’ re-brand…) as part of Green People’s Organic Homme Movember blog takeover.

The premise was simple enough – Green People would send a couple of their organic men’s grooming products for me to try and I would tell you about them via a guest post. Simple enough maybe – but not when, vain as I am, I’ve spent years seeking out the products I love and which work for me and to which I’m very loyal.
But the invitation not only to try some products but also to dust off my blogging skills (such as they are…) was too good to refuse and I chose the two products from the range which most appealed – Vitamin Boost Power Wash and Active Fix Repair Serum. Why these? Well I love products which deliver – not just promise – a boost or ‘quick fix’, as I lead a very busy and, some would say, not unfairly, over-indulgent lifestyle and like things that help combat the effects.

When the sleek black box arrived I noticed straight away that Organic Homme takes packaging seriously – smart, masculine black tubes, bold, clean white print and clear, concise descriptions. The Power Wash pledged to be ‘deep cleansing’ and ‘vitamin packed’ and the serum, ‘age reversal’ and ‘turn back the clock’ – bold claims indeed.
Because of the vitamins element I’d assumed that the wash would be very citrusy and fresh but actually the attractive honey-gold gel was more sweet than citrus on the nose, reminding me fondly of the barley-sugar sweets my grandma used to love. It lathered up on the skin beautifully (contain your excitement, dear readers…) and rather than giving me the ‘zip-zap-zing’ I’d expected was gentler and more soothing.
It certainly gave me a boost every morning and got my days off to a flying start for the four weeks or so it lasted – a little went a long way and 125ml lasted me longer than many more expensive and larger-sized washes I’ve used.

The real star though was the serum. In an easy-to-use pump dispenser (I quickly realised that half a pump was enough for one application – as with the wash a little goes a long way) the serum smelt great – an almost medicinal, menthol-y scent – and had a smooth, greaseless consistency.
I genuinely noticed results from the very first application! My skin felt instantly lifted, even a little tight but not uncomfortably so, and this effect combined with the aromatherapeutic qualities of the fragrance really did make me feel energised and invigorated. After just a few days I noticed that my brow, which while not wrinkly does get crinkly when I smile – which is a lot! – looked smoother and more toned in photos.

I hadn’t looked at the price of Organic Homme products before trying them but when I did I was very pleasantly surprised – for products this good and long-lasting and which do seem to deliver the results they claim to, they’re very reasonable – not much more than some mainstream big-name brands, and a lot less than many better-known ‘luxury’ skincare products I’ve used.

I’ll definitely keep on using The Green People Organic Homme products and would like to say thank you to them and of course to Lyndsay for giving me the opportunity to try them – and to take over her blog for one post to tell you about them!

** A big thank you to Hugh for taking over my blog for Movember and for the fab guest post! **

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