HEALTH: Bloggers guide to quitting the habit!

Stoptober has been one of the biggest campaigns I’ve seen for a while. It was a great idea, so many people joined in to give up smoking and it was literally plastered everywhere across the media and everyone was talking about it! However, now all the hype is over, are people really sticking to it? I’ve never been a smoker but I like to support campaigns like this as I think we should try and be as supportive as possible to help those who have chosen to give up. Vee has told me all about giving up smoking (she used to smoke 20 a day) and it’s a really tough journey and not one that can be entered into lightly. Anyone giving up is probably going through a really rough time and deserves a treat for their hard work and efforts! 

I recently read some interesting research conducted by My Voucher Codes – They surveyed 1000 people, and for many of these, the driving factor for giving up was to save money. So, with that in mind, I thought maybe it would be a fun idea to compare the amount spent on cigarettes to items every blogger dreams of, whether it would be a Naked 3 palette or a pair of Louboutins. We all know that smoking is an expensive habit but according to this TNT article the average smoker spend an average of £1810 a year! For that amount you could buy so much! I’ve created this image below to show what you could have instead… 

So as well as the health benefits everyone talks about, there are so many other benefits to giving up smoking too! Like I said at the top, I’m not a smoker so this is in no way written to tell people what to do, it’s completely personal choice! But if you are giving up, I hope this little post will give you the positive motivation you need to treat yourself to something fabulous with the money you’ll save.

If you are thinking of giving up, the NHS has some fantastic support and help on offer so do talk a look!

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