HELLO! I’m back!

If you’ve noticed things have been a bit quiet around here, I’ve been off on my hollibobs in the beautiful Cape Verde! I had an amazing time, just laying on the beach, swimming in the warm sea and most importantly, doing absolutely nothing. I was finally able to switch off for a whole week and relax, and I really need the break. 
I realised that before I went away I was feeling stressed out and frazzled beyond belief and I was starting to not feel like myself. Whilst I was away I realised a huge proportion of this stress relates to my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love my blog and everything it’s brought me, and I know it’s not huge, but for me, when I set up my little corner of the interwebs I never in a million years thought so many people would want to read it, or I’d get the chance to collaborate with my favourite brands! I also didn’t anticipate the stress and pressure it would bring either.
Of course, blogging doesn’t have to be stressful. A lot of this pressure I bring on myself, I sometimes think that I might be superwoman, able to hold down a challenging full-time job, a relatively successful blog and a social life – all in one go, not to mention other day-to-day things like cleaning, cooking, walking the dog. I forget there just isn’t enough hours in the day and I often burnt myself out. Doing too many things actually takes the fun out of the things I really enjoy, I feel like I was always spreading myself a little too thinly which means I couldn’t give anything my all.
So, my plan is to put the brakes on and take a step back from this crazy ‘superwoman life’ and start to enjoy things again. I have a new job so I need to put this first, there will be so much to learn and when I spread myself so thin my brain became like a sieve! It’s time to roll my sleeves up and concentrate as this is what’s important right now.
Secondly, we are buying a house so I need to spend time painting our old flat up ready to rent out. I’ve always wanted learn more DIY so I’m planning on getting fully involved and getting my hands dirty. Buying your first house is such an exciting adventure, I can’t wait to start decorating our first ever house and making it my own!

Lastly, I want to enjoy my blog again, I started my blog to write lifestyle posts, share loads of photos, inspiration and document what I’d been up to, but I feel it’s drifted quite a long way from this at the moment. I want to find my creative stride again, instead of having a to-to list of endless reviews (which I am grateful for, I’ll just add!) and write about topics I really feel fit with my style and will be a joy to write about. I’m going to only post when I feel like it rather than trying to stick to schedules and deadlines. I had got to a point I felt I MUST post at least 3 times a week. I’m not sure what I thought would happen! Maybe I thought everyone will unfollow or my blog will self-implode, when really we know that isn’t true. I know I’ve posted, just for the sake of posting and that isn’t why I write my blog. So, right now I’m going to relax, get busy with life, enjoy and write creativity when the moment strikes, and if it doesn’t…I’ll just chill! It’ll return, and you’ll all be there, right? 🙂

I’ll be posting about my holiday soon so watch out for my next Youtube instalment! 

Do you ever feel stressed/pressured to blog? What do you do to stop this? 

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