CHRISTMAS: Give the gift of time with JING

You might have noticed, things have been a little quieter around here than usual. That’s because over the last few months, I’ve been slowly and surely, losing my Jing. Taken from the Chinese language, Jing means ‘essence of spirit’ and our Jing can be depleted by leading a stressful, fast paced lifestyle if we aren’t careful. I have been doing just that. When I haven’t been stressing over my new job I’ve been paintbrush in hand doing DIY and juggling a house purchase too, it’s fair to say this has been a mega stressful time. 
When I heard of Jing, I finally realised why I’ve been feeling so frazzled. My Jing had completely diminished and I was running on empty, forgetting to make any time for myself at all.  Luxury tea brand, JING had just what I needed. They believe in the healing power of ritual and quality nourishment, turning making a cup of tea into a pampering ceremony, that bit of ‘me-time’ to replenish the body and soul without any interruptions. 

With this in mind I’ve been trying to give myself a gift this season, it’s not expensive, it’s just time.  I’ve been using my beautiful JING tea set and allowing myself to sit, read and let my Christmassy blend infuse as I enjoy my moment of silence. It’s bliss. My favourite blend of tea to enjoy is JING Chai, made from whole leaf Ceylon tea, cardamon pods and spices it’s a gorgeously festive blend! I also love the elegant glass tea infuser and glass timer, I can make sure I get my full 3 minutes of calm and my tea is infused to perfection! It might not seem much, but taking just a few minutes out to chill out and reflect really does relax and calm the mind. Taking time out for yourself is just so important, I won’t let myself get this frazzled again.

Why not give someone special the gift of time this Christmas with a gorgeous JING tea set and a festive blend of tea?
–  Post written in collaboration with JING, 
however all opinions are my own.

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