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 So, in the New Year we should be moving house, in case you missed the big news, we are buying our first house together and it’s seriously exciting times! We haven’t quite exchanged yet, but I can’t help but get carried away on Pinterest, daydreaming of all the ways to do up our new place. I’ve only ever rented before (in some places where you weren’t even allowed to hang a picture!) so the thought of being able to finally make the place my own is just heavenly! One of my favourite rooms of the house has got to be the bathroom. Having a long hot bath after a hard day at work is my absolute favourite thing to do to chill and unwind, plus I have an almost endless stock of bubble baths and bath bombs backing up that are just dying to be used. I can’t wait.

However, we have one problem. Our new place has no bathtub and a super tiny bathroom. Hmm. We really loved the place, so the small bathroom was a bit of a compromise, I guess you’ll never find the perfect house! I’m really not one to let these things get in the way, so with my dream bathroom in mind I’ve been spending hours trawling the interwebs for ideas on redesigning a tiny bathroom into a heavenly bliss spa zone, that must have a bathtub, I’ve also been having a look at the different shower pumps Mira offer, as a girl needs a nice powerful shower too, right? This website shows 25 ways remodelling ideas for small bathrooms, and it is actually my saviour, there are some beautiful ideas in rooms much small than ours. I love this floorplan (left) with the slightly wider, shorter bathtub. This would be perfect. For a little more money there are whirlpool baths too (drool).

As for the finer details of the bathroom (yep, I’ve been thinking of everything!) I’m thinking white, clean spaces for ultimate calm. I love these DIY Mason Jars for storing everything away – there is nothing I hate more than cluttered sides in the bathroom as it really is my area of zen. This Hendricks Gin soap dispenser is just too cool, and of course we would need a lot of candles to soften the light and set the mood for relaxation. 
And…. LOADS of Lush bathbombs too! 
How would you design your perfect bathroom? 
If you have any bathroom themed boards on Pinterest please send me your links!

– All pictures taken from Pinterest to illustrate 
my bathroom planning, I did not take these myself.
– This post is written in comparison with Mira Showers, however all 
words, opinions and bathroom dreaming are my own

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