The Story of my Jewellery: Part One

I’m often asked about my jewellery, as I like to wear a few different eclectic pieces that don’t necessarily go together, but each has a special meaning to me. So this blog post is all about the rings I wear, and the stories behind my jewellery. Back in the day, I used to only wear costume jewellery, picking up the latest style rings from Miss Selfridge or Topshop, but gradually over time I’ve collected a few lovely rings, all in gold and silver which (thank god) no longer turn my fingers green and all hold a special meaning to me.  
Gemporia Sterling Silver and Topaz Ring – Topaz is my birthstone and this ring has the most beautiful, pure, light blue, Topaz from Brazil. In ancient lore, Topaz was thought to hold the power to cool boiling water, as well as excessive anger and used in medicine to cure fever, so I’m hoping this brings me peace and happiness as well as some good wellbeing (and even if it doesn’t the Topaz is beautiful anyway!). This goes so beautifully with the silver rings I wear on this hand, I often stack them to change the order and create new looks. I also love Gemporia as they believe in sourcing gemstones ethically, working with The Equal World Foundation to aid communities around the world too. 
Silver Russian Wedding Band – This ring was bought from Cusco, Peru. Vee and I bought each other these rings as one of our first presents to each other, I guess they were a kind of ‘commitment’ ring, before got engaged. We both wear them every day. I love this ring as it’s gorgeous and reminds me of our amazing trip to Peru. 
Pandora Quartz Stacking Ring – My friends and I named this my ‘I don’t need a man’ ring. It was 5 years ago and I was single over my birthday. Feeling a little blue my friends encouraged me to treat myself to something special for my birthday. I went to Pandora and bought the ring I’d had my eye on for months as a gift to myself. Since that day, I’ve worn it as a memory that I don’t need other people for my happiness, I am strong enough by myself.  
My Engagement Ring – Of course it wouldn’t be right not to mention this beauty. My beautiful engagement ring from Vee is Gold with a diamond from South Africa (where she grew up) so this ring also holds a lot of history and a story too. I much prefer knowing there is a story behind the ring so was overjoyed when she handed down this family heir-loom ring to me. This is the only gold ring I wear, but I like this as it stands out as the most special, important ring I wear, and so it should! 
So, this is the story so far….
 What is your favourite piece of jewellery and what does it mean to you? 

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