WEDDING: Minted – a stationery addicts dream!

So, this is my first official post using the ‘Wedding’ tag – how exciting! Plus, it’s on one of my favourite things too… stationery! A perfect combination. So, the big news is we have just started planning our wedding. However, when I say just, we have literally have only just decided on a venue (which we haven’t seen in person yet, just looked online), we also have no dates in mind and just a Pinterest board full of ideas – thats it so far, so there is plenty more work to do.  Naturally, being a stationery addict I’ve already been on the look out for beautiful wedding stationery and have found the perfect site for it, I can’t believe I have only just discovered this amazing online store, perfect for designing and customising things, just as we want – I could spend SO much. We are not anywhere near the point we’ll be sending any cards out, but a girl can dream! I have already been perusing the Wedding section looking at all of Minted’s stunning save the Date Cardsplanning and dreaming of how things could be… there are so many to chose from! 
As you can see I prefer the simplistic designs, I’m not a fan of huge smoochy photos either, but a nice picture of us together like the bottom right option would be acceptable! I especially love the shiny silver or gold fonts to give it that extra eye catching sparkle and for $150-$195 for 100 cards, I think it’s a reasonable price too for a totally personalised service. 

I love the idea of giving our wedding a personal touch. These rubber stamps look like a fab idea to customise everything at a reasonably low cost too – and they aren’t just for paper and ink, how cute are those little chocolate stamps for decorating cakes! We could also use them on candles to personalise them with song lyrics, favourite quotes or our names.

Weddings aside, Minted is an absolute stationery addicts dream, with completely customisable notebooks, organisers and more… I could spend hours on that site, organising my life into list books, creating photo albums of happy times, and designing all my friends personalised cards, the possibilities are endless.

The prices are in dollars, but they ship to the UK for a reasonable $9.95 in 3-5 business days.

So, if you are a stationery addict like me, do check out Minted…. but I warn you, you’ll be on the site a while and you will want to buy literally EVERYTHING!


-Post written in collaboration with Minted,
however all opinions and words are my own

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