LIFE: January Catch-up

How is it February already?! January has been a busy, slightly stressful month, but there have  been some really lovely times too. I’ve been trying my hardest to stick to my new years resolutions which were be healthy and lose weight (classic), meet and hang out with new friends and something that pushes me out of my comfort zone, and so far I’ve managed to acheive all three! As for fitness, both Vee vee and I bought Fitbits and have been challenging each other to step goals, calorie burning competitions and more! I’ll tell you its such a motivation to get up off the sofa and get moving when everyone can see how utterly lazy I’ve been on the days I haven’t done much! I’ve lost 4lbs which isn’t a huge amount, but I can already feel my clothes are a little loose, so just gotta keep it up!
As for meeting new friends and doing something that pushes me out of my comfort zone, these things kind of go hand-in-hand. Singing is one of my very favourite things to do… I did music at college and sung with a band as a teenager, but as the years went by I stopped and my confidence just dissapeared and I’ve wanted to get back into singing for so long now. So, finally (after much deliberation!) this month I pushed myself and joined a local choir.  I’ve always been on the nervous side when it comes to being in a new people and the thought of going into a room full of strangers and asked being asked to sing a scale (gulp) filled me with dread. But although I was terrified, it was all actually in my head… the people were lovely, I had so much fun singing and turns out the choir is quite social outside of rehearsal, so  I’ve already started to make some new friends too. Happy days, its amazing what a difference it makes when you put yourself out there, it really isn’t as scary as you’d think.

Here are some of my other highlights of the month:

  •  Stuffing my face at the VIP opening of the new eat-as-much-as-you-like place in the marina, Jimmys, where there is also a chocolate fountain and a dancing Chinese dragon that spat lettuce at me (I know, I was confused by that too!)
  • In the spirit of saving money for our new place, I’ve been spending lots of quality time at home, working on a new crochet daisy blanket, writing blog posts and drinking copious amounts of chai tea.  Bliss!
  • Winning a bottle of Givenchy perfume, signed by Alicia Keys. Amazing,  thank you Escentual!
  • Getting away from it all with a weekend in Hayling Island, where we had long dog walks along the coast,  starlit hottubs and good times with friends.  I also spent a fortune in Gunwharf Quays (Jack Wills cardigan reduced from £129 to £29, bargain!).
  • Spending fun times with friends old and new over cocktails (numerous!).
  • Date night at Food for Friends
  • Being a total Pinterest addict, with exciting times coming up (like moving and starting to plan our wedding) Pinterest has been the perfect place to find amazing, beautiful inspiration.  I just want it all! I also made a bloggers board for everyone to share their latest post and thats fun too!
  • We had an amazing veggie burger from MeatLiqor at home with the new service – how cool is that?!
Funny, after I said I was trying to be healthy this month, all our events seem to revolve around food! Roll on Feb!
Did you get up to anything nice this month?

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