LIFE: Beach dreaming and a little update!

So, we are settling into our new home really well, enjoying long walks along the beach, jumping through the rock pools as the sun sets over the water. It’s so calm here, it’s like I’ve entered a completely different way of life. I love village life – strolling to the local fruit and vegetable shop with a basket over my arm or having a pint in the local pub. We have everything on our doorstep, plus these great sea view views just steps away. Finally, I can rest and be calm again. I loved Brighton but city life isn’t for me. 
My blog has gone a bit quiet, which I’m sad about but things have been so busy. I’ll be back to normal with it soon – I’m brimming with new ideas and inspiration for a big change around and new look…. Watch this space! We completely painted our old flat from top to bottom which was stressful but I quite enjoyed getting the paint and rollers out. I’ve been madly pinning home decor ideas for the new place and will be tackling that soon too. We are still living out of boxes and working out a routine in our new place but we’ll get there… it’s all such a big adventure at the moment, my feet have hardly touched the ground. 
The adventure continues next week as we are off to Israel and Jordan for 2 weeks. Off to float in the Dead Sea,  visit sites like Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Petra. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share when we get back. 
Until then, I’ll be posting sporadically, but will be back properly around Easter time with some new, exciting ideas… keep in touch via Twitter/Instagram and Facebook

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