PETS: Barkbeats Treat Boxes for Dogs

Everyones talking about beauty boxes, right? They have been a huge hit and it seems nowadays you can now get a subscription box for everything. The latest craze being pet boxes – bringing a monthly bundle of treats for dogs or kitties right to your doorstep. So, of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and get our gorgeous black lab Robbie a box. This was back in February, so he opted for the Barkbeats Box, which came in a sweet Valentines theme.
Barkbeats boxes contain 5-6 premium item dog products, ranging from treats to toys and everything inbetween to help you care for your pooch. Each box is tailored to your dog’s size, ensuring they will only receive the right treats and something they will really love. The products are also full-size.
Robbie could tell the parcel was for him as soon as it landed on the front door, he excitedly sat by me as I took of the outer wrapping, leaving a delicate tissue wrapping up his treats. I was quite surprised as to how lovely the packaging was, for a pet-care product!
In his box, he had a hilarious ‘Lips’ toy by Ancol, which he immediately pulled out of the box and ran around the house with, the long red flappy tongue sticking out his mouth like a crazy hound! He also received a full sized “Oh my Dog All-over Shampoo”, which looks and smells as good as shampoo I would use. We’ve used it a couple of times and it leaves his coat so soft and shiny.
He also received his favourite, treats. He quickly gobbled down the sweet Carob Heart treat, an all natural heart shaped bundle of goodness. The Choco-holic doggy chocolate bar  is such a great idea! Robbie loves to steal human chocolate, which is poisonous for dogs so finally he can join in with us in the evenings when we all have a cup of tea and chocolate in front of the telly! Lastly, he loved the little tub of ‘Good Dogs’ treats which are a perfect pocket sized and I often take out on our walks to reward him along the way.
All in all, he loved everything in his Barkbeats box and felt a thoroughly spoilt pup! You can order Barkbeats boxes online through their website, prices are around £13-15 depending on the length of your subscription, however if you just want to give it a try, one months box is £14.90. All orders get £5 off with this special discount code: FIZZY5
Robbie loved his ‘Lips’ a bit too much….
(This is not a reflection of the quality of the toy, this is a sign of his love – honest!)
What do you think to these ‘beauty boxes’ for pets?
– Written in collaboration with Barkbeats box 

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