HAIR: Corioliss GoGo Style In-car Hair Straighteners

Corioliss GoGo Style In-car Hair Straighteners

 Since we moved, I have to get up that little bit earlier in the morning so my styling routine is literally down to the bare minimum at the moment. Maybe it’s just me, but that extra 10 minutes in bed seems far more important than looking good so I’m usually rushing around at the last minute, trying to throw on some clothes, mascara and leave the house. When it comes to dealing with my hair, usually I’ll wash it night before giving a lovely natural wave in the morning… well, usually. There have been some utter disaster moments where I’ve woken up with flicks in all the wrong places and hair resembling a small birds nest, trust me. 
This is where the amazing Corioliss GoGo Styler comes in. Perfect for those mornings where your hair is looking less than perfect, the GoGo styler allows you to effortlessly perfect your style – on the run, meaning those extra 10 minutes in bed are pretty much guaranteed. Happy Days! Such a dinky hair of straighters, they are light, handbag friendly and plug in directly to the 12v outlet in your car.

Corioliss GoGo Style In-car Hair Straighteners

Now, I’m 100% sure that straightening your hair whilst you are driving is illegal, so please DON’T do that, but for me – I leave the house early to beat the traffic and give myself 5 minutes to quickly fix my hair in the carpark before I go into work, the Titanium plates heat up to 200ºC in less than 30 seconds so it’s super quick and easy to use.  It’s also saved my (veggie)bacon a couple of times when I’ve been caught in the rain I’ve been able to fix the unruley frizz that errupted in a few smooth flicks. 
Being a mini-straightener, I wouldn’t want to style my whole ‘do’ using the Gogo Style, but for my fringe and general unruliness it’s just perfect. 
The other handy thing is the little travel pouch that comes with the GoGo Styler; this allows you to pop the irons straight back in your back without the risk of burning your hand/various things in your handbag. Perfect!

Corioliss GoGo Style In-car Hair Straighteners

You can buy the Corioliss range including the awesome GoGo Styler (£39.99) on their website, and at selected salons (like Forde Hair, if you are in Brighton).

I couldn’t recommend the GoGo Styler enough – what a fab invention for busy girls on the run. Give it a go!

– Post written in collaboration with Corioliss, 
however all thoughts, opinions and frizzy hair experiences are my own.

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