LIFE: I’m back (and my blog’s had a makeover too!)

I did it!! I finally had my moment to float in the Dead Sea, something I’ve had on my ‘bucket list’ for so long. It was amazing, exhilarating and a really, really bizarre feeling. So, after an amazing trip we are now back home, back to the gloomy, grey British weather, sad times. We had such a fantastic holiday across Israel and Jordan – so many memories, different experiences and landscapes. Don’t worry, I’ll bore you with the all the stories and no doubt countless pictures soon! 😉 However for now I wanted to say a big hello! I’m now back after a bit of a blogging break, and as you will see my blog has had a bit of a make-over too!
This isn’t just a new design, I also wanted to introduce a new style to my writing and a few new topics. I have had lots of time to think about my blog and the direction it was going in during my break away from it all (amazing what a bit of space can do), and I’ve realised it was time for an update, a fresh new feel and some different content!
It’s only April, but I feel my way of life has changed a lot just this year already. We bought our first house, and I’m turning 30 soon, my ways of thinking have changed and we’ve settled into a much calmer lifestyle and I’d like to reflect that on my blog too. My plans are to introduce more ‘life by the sea’ posts – think home decor, delicious food recipes and crafting inspiration, mixed with my usual life updates and bits and bobs from around Brighton too. I still want to do some beauty and style posts, but these will be simplistic – think natural beauty, skincare and easy hair styles, like beach waves for lazy days. There are so many amazing beauty bloggers, I’ll leave the professional, glamourous make-up to the them, they do it best!  
As well as the above, new topics I want to introduce are ‘Life Hacks’ and ‘Positivite Thinking’, to bring productivity, calmness, relaxation ideas too.
So, watch this space I have so many ideas coming up! I came back from Israel with my head jangling wih thoughts and spent about 2 hours on the plane making chaotic notes and spider diagrams (thats right, this is serious when the spider diagrams come out..!!!) But for now, I hope you like the new theme… have a look around, I’ve changed most of my pages too. Now I’m settled I’m back to blogging regularly and will be catching up with emails, product reviews and getting back into the routine again. Thanks for sticking with my during my break – I’m so pleased to be back!! 

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