LIFE: Poorly Puppy

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you’ll know I write quite a lot about our gorgeous pooch, Robbie. He’s become a best friend to me and is a crucial part of our family. I just love coming home to his happy face, playful cuddles and wagging tail and can’t imagine a life without him. 
On the night before we went away on holiday we had a bit of a scare with his health. Just recently in Brighton there have been reports of people poisoning dogs (who would do that?!) so we were already on high alert and doing all we can to keep him safe. To avoid the parks, we took him for long beach walk where we played in the rock pools, splashed around in the sea and all had a great time – all was well.
That night, we all went to bed at normal, only to hear an almighty yelp at 4am from our little pup. He was shaking, had a high temperature and was obviously in a considerable amount of pain. Luckily, in Brighton we have an amazing emergency vets, so we called them and the next thing we knew were putting Robbie into the back of the car (still in our pajamas) and rushing to the vets. I was so worried, I’ve never seen him like this and with all the stories in the news we thought it could be something fatal. Robbie couldn’t even walk to the car so we had to pull the car outside, load him in and off we went.
After an initial examination with the vets we had to keep him in, he’d need to stay in, have medication, painkillers, an x-rays and more testing to find out what was wrong.
It was a long day as we waited for any news… 
That evening, Robbie was discharged from the vets, and £500 later (thank god for More than Pet Insurance!) he appeared from the pet hospital happy to see us with a groggy, half hearted wagging tail – it’d been a tough day for us all.
Turns out he’d damaged his back leg leaping about the beach and where he was in a lot of pain had worked himself up into a state of anxiety/shock. Daft little thing. We were just so relieved he wasn’t poisoned and would be able to recover over the next few weeks.
So, I just wanted to tell you my story as you never know when your best friend is going to take a turn for the worst. Luckily for us, Robbie has now fully recovered and all I can only say thank god we had good pet insurance, as you never know what’s going to happen.
And here’s lovely happy picture of us on the beach – now NOT playing on the rocks, just taking it steady…

– Post written in collaboration with More Than Pet Insurance 

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  • You pup is so cute…they definitely are part of the family so when they are hurt or sick, it’s a big worry. Glad he’s okay:)