LIFE: Top 3 Healthiest Places to Live in England

I thought by living in Brighton, I’d be living in one of the healthiest cities in the country. We have everything you could wish for to promote a healthy lifestyle – the beach, tons of vegetarian and health food shops and the rolling downs just behind us. However, Brighton does also have slightly unhealthier side, every weekend hords of people decend on hen and stag do’s to drink the weekend away,  we also have hundreds and hundreds of pubs and a growing trend of gourmet burger restarants – could be some of the reasons we are so far down the chart, among many.

In a world where people are becoming more and more aware of their health, Toothpick offers a free service which measures the quality of facilities around you that help you keep in tip top shape. Here are the top 3 healthiest places to live in England at the moment – where does your town fall on the health statistics?
Cambridge – Bicycle Fiend
Judging by the annual survey data from the department of transport, Cambridge scored the top place due to the amount of cyclists. Cambridge boasts the top amount of people that cycle per week, the highest amount of safe cycle paths, not to mention all the available amenities for cyclists too. Just to make things super easy for the cyclists Cambridge offers cyclists websites to plan their  journey way ahead, clubs that organise cycle races and trails (such as plus maps provided by the city council, making it easier and easier for the everyday cycling enthusiast to meet and get around.
Camden – Hikes & Strolls
Being a countryside girl I’ve always thought London is all about the city life, however if you love your walking and jogging Camden is the place to be. Low levels of traffic and plenty of parks have encouraged the highest amount of people to get up and go out for a morning jog. Impressive! To make things really safe, Camden have provided park rangers and wardens to make sure everyone is safe walking at night too. A downloadable park guide available on – make sure you can take a stroll around Waterlow park or along the canal. You can take advantage of the “Where’s My Nearest” map program where you can find the nearest open space available in your area.
Craven – Green Spaces
 If you love the outdoors, your best choice for experiencing a countryside stroll would be going to Craven in North Yorkshire. An area rich in history, beautiful scenery and more, this is your ideal place for a long walk, hike or cycle ride across the countryside. Make sure to check out the Outdoor Health and Safety Handy hints and tips, available for free on the Craven District Council Website. Hiking provides plenty of exercise while offering breathtaking views across the Yorkshire Dales. Take advantage of the Embsay Reservoir and go fishing for minnows, climb the Crookrise gritstone outcrops, or explore more than 400km of passage caves like Gaping Gill. 

So, there we have it – the top 3 places in the country – where do you think your town fall in the health statistics?

– Post written in collaboration with Toothpick

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