FOOD: Laid-Back Weekend Breakfast Recipes

I don’t know about you but, after a week of hard work at the grindstone, the last thing you want to do on Saturday and Sunday morning is roll out of bed and whip up a four-course breakfast. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live off shredded wheat and toast for all eternity—these simple breakfast ideas are easy to knock together and are great fun for all ages, perfect for allowing those budding junior chefs to get involved as well. Sorted!

English muffin pizzas

Pizza for breakfast? There’s a meal that’s easy to sell to your young ones. English muffins offer the perfect base for tiny pizza pies – top them with cheese, tomato and oregano for an appetising start to the day. Add hard-boiled egg for a more nutritionally-rounded meal, and after a couple of minutes under the grill, they’re hot to trot.

Yoghurt and granola parfait

More nutritious breakfasts disguised as treats! Serving layered granola, yoghurt and honey in fancy cocktail glasses will give an illusion your feasting on dessert, not filling up with the most important meal of the day. Add banana to the top to increase fruit intake and inject some much-needed potassium – to maintain the classy illusion, use a banana slicer to achieve perfectly-chopped segments. Sneaky!
Cappuccino waffles
Coffee and waffles have to be my two favourite breakfast flavours, so why not combine both? You’ll get beautifully crisp waffles with the extra caffeine kick sure to get your day off to a bright start. It’s super easy – all that’s needed are a couple of eggs, a smidgeon of butter, flour, sugar and a Tassimo cappuccino sachet. Simple!

Chocolate croissants

Ooh la la! Making your very own pain au chocolat for a French-themed delicious breakfast couldn’t be simpler! This is a favourite quick fix of mine…. Contrary to what you may think, this recipe takes no time at all – just wrap store-bought crescent roll dough around chocolate chips and bake for a quarter of an hour. A really quick and easy way to make delicious, hot pastries at home, and they smell AMAZING too.

Egg in a basket

This recipe may have already come to your attention via the movie V for Vendetta – if so, I bet it changed our life. It’s a perfect family breaktfast – kids will love dipping bread into the soft eggy centre of the bread and it can be brightened up with berries and yoghurt to provide a nutritionally-sound start to the day. All you need to do is cut a hole in the slice of bread, fry lightly on one side (with butter), then flip over and crack the egg into the middle. After two minutes – voilà! Egg in a basket.

The perfect breakfast sandwich

For those energetic, get-up-and-go weekends, there’s nothing like a hearty breakfast sandwich for a swift and satisfying meal. Avoid paying over the top prices for dubious ingredients at a café or store by making your own. All you need is a couple of English muffins for the bread, an egg and two rashers of bacon cooked to your liking… or any other ingredients that take your fancy. Tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, sausage, spinach – the world is your oyster breakfast sandwich!

So, there are a few quick, tasty breakfast ideas. They may not be the healthiest in the world, but a little of what you fancy at the weekend does no harm 😉

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!!
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