GIVEAWAY: The Secret Garden Inky Treasure Hunt and a little giveaway!

I have to say, when I heard that ‘Adult Colouring Books’ were all the rage, I did a little internal squeal of joy. I was a creative child, always wanting to paint, colour or use every toilet roll in the house to make paper maché and I really miss that freedom to express myself. Unless you are particually artistic it seems you lose that creative side as you get older…. well, I have anyway. I blog as my outlet, but I rately lose myself in something calming as this. When I heard the massive ripples the Joanna Basford books ‘Enchanted Forest’ and the ‘Secret Garden’ had made (she sold over a million copies already worldwide) I knew I had to give them a go. 
I scoured Waterstones, WH Smiths and Amazon, but everywhere was out of stock, online and in store. Doh, that was my plans ruined. Checking back daily, eventually the Waterstones in Lewes had some stock – this isn’t my local branch, but a 20 minute drive away. Totally worth it for a colouring book, right? I eagerly rang them and got them to reserve me a copy and jumped in the car. Turns out, colouring is amazingly relaxing. I’m loving working my way through the Secret Garden, exploring each page and thinking up new colour schemes and designs.
So, as I’m so in love with my new hobby… I’ve teamed up with Stabilo for a little giveaway for you all! 
Enter below and you could win the AMAZING Joanna Basford book – The Enchanted Forest, Colouring by Edward Bawden and two sets of Stabilo colouring pens, one in a really handy carry case. Cool, huh? 

– Competition open WORLDWIDE –   

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 – Competition in collaboration with the lovely people at Stabilo

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