HEALTH: Get a great nights sleep with SleepPhones

It’s no secret that I’m a really awful sleeper. If there was a real- life Princess and the Pea, it would be me. So, I was really touched when a really lovely, friendly company got in touch offering to help me out – they stated I could get a great nights sleep with SleepPhones, so I jumped at the chance to give them a go. They stock headphones for sleep, which come as a soft, fleecey headband, perfect for wearing at night for ultimate comfort without any lumps and bumps disturbing your sleep.
I was sent the Classic headband in Lavendar (£29.99) and couldn’t wait to give it a go. I often listen to calming music or use apps with guided meditations for getting to sleep. We are currently in our spare room whilst we do some renovations and this bedroom can be a little noiser with the traffic, so having a little help to block out the noise get to sleep has really been a godsend.


So, my thoughts were that it was SO comfy and works a treat. There are slight harder parts for the actual headphones, but you can barely feel them when you are laying down, so it’s not a problem at all. The sound quality is great, the jack is a standard fitting so fits all phones/ipods. I’d say the only negative was that the band would move and spin around, although to be fair I’d normally be fast asleep before this would become a problem, so it’s a real minor detail! It’s hard wearing and perfect for anyone with sleep problems like me.


Thanks to SleepPhones for the lovely product, it’s really been a joy to use and helped me so much! If you suffer with sleep problems, do have a look at their website, they offer Classic bands in lots of colours and Wireless versions as well. They also do headphone headbands for running too!


What are your top tips for getting a good nights sleep?  

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