LIFE: It’s time to pick my strawberries (+ 4 amazing strawberry recipes!)

It seems like only a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about learning to love my garden. I had only just bought my first plants and tentatively planted them in the hope they will grow, and not wither and immediately die. Well, it’s all happened rather quickly, I planted the strawberries in a beautiful, sunny corner of the garden where after about 10am they have bright sunshine all day. This seems to have been perfect for them as I can’t believe how quickly they have grown! Despite a small disagreement with a cat over our flower bed (it thought it was his litter tray and dug it all up, yuck). I now have lots of amazing ripe strawberries, all ready to be picked and eaten! Plus there are still lots of green strawberries on the plants ripening, ready for the next crop.
I’ve already tried a few, and I might be bias as I’m so proud I’ve actually managed to grow something myself – but they are utterly delicious! Sweet and juicy, not bitter at all. So far I have a whole bowl of fresh strawberries, so I need to decide what to do with them!
Here are four amazing recipes I have found (courtesy of Pinterest, of course!)…
Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint Water | Healthy Frozen Yogurt Bark
So far I’ve loved my gardening journey, eating my own produce makes it all seem so worthwhile and I’m inspired to do bigger and better things next year.
 Have you grown any strawberries this year?
 Whats your favourite strawberry recipe? 
– Recipe images are not my own, I have used the image for the purpose of sharing the recipes. 
All other images are my own.

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