LIFE: Learning to love my garden

I’ve never been very green fingered, I think I’ve pretty much killed every single pot-plant I’ve ever owned. I think I just forget to water them, or I don’t get their lighting and environment right, I’m not sure. So, inspired by my friend and fellow blogger Becky of This Little Home, who lives just minutes away from me and has the most beautiful garden, I’ve been inspired to give gardening another go.

We have a small courtyard style garden, so it’s not too much to look after, so last week over dinner I asked Becky for some advice on starting out with my first garden. She lent me some books which I have been avidly reading and getting excited about the possibilities brightening up our little outside space.

After all that planning, you’d think I’d be organised but I have to say when we got to the garden centre it all went out the window and I ended up picking out what I thought looked pretty. So, yes – it’s a bit of a mish-mash, but I like it.  I guess I’ll learn over time which plants suit our garden, we live right by the sea so they need to be quite hardy against the strong winds and salty air. I’ll learn more over time.

I’ve found tending the garden so theraputic, I can’t wait to see them grow and maybe I’ll even get to eat some home grown strawberries this summer too. Here’s a few snaps of my garden… so far!


Hopefully be able to eat home-grown strawberries this summer!

As you can see I’m pretty messy in the garden… but at least I had fun.  

My pride and joy, love the colours of this beautiful Hydrangea
Ta Da!  Feeling proud.
Becky writes some lovely posts about her garden, family life and some amazing recipes too, so feel free to have a look at her blog too 🙂

Do you enjoy looking after your garden? 
If so, please share your top tips to help me, the total newbie!

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