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 This silly little puppy really misses me whenever I go away. I recently had to go away for a two week training course to Manchester and every day he would sulk around and whine until we had our nightly Skype conversation where I would chat to the pup and excitedly shout ‘sit! sit! high five!’ at the screen in the communual room of our training grounds – much to the amusement of the my colleagues sitting quietly on their laptops. So, after a whole two weeks of stress for the little pup I wanted to give him a treat. He absolutely loves doggy boxes, so I got him the latest dog treat box from Ruby and Duke. He must be able to smell the treats as before I’ve even opened the box, his little ears prick up and he sits down nicely awaiting his treat.
So, what was inside…


A colourful selection of treats, toys and useful things like poo bags were inside. Ruby and Duke boxes each contain between 4-6 full sized premium products, all aiming to keep your dog healthy, stimulated and entertained. What I really loved about this box is the treats were all healthy (yep, the rascal is on a diet as he eats EVERYTHING, whether we let him or not!), so we can give him a few tidbits without feeling too guilty about his health. Perfect!

I was surprised to see Papaya dog treats, quite different to the normal meat flavours, but he absolutely loved them. They are super chewy too so that kept him quiet for a little while.

His favourite in the box was this little guy!! Made from a soft fabric underneath was a recycled plastic bottle, giving it a lovely crunchy sound keeping him entertained for hours! It’s great as we can replace the bottle when it gets a bit worn, keeping his attention for longer. Such a good idea!
So, all in all, the little puppy was thoroughly impressed with the box and loved everything inside.
I think you can see from this picture I’ve just taken, I’m forgiven for leaving him for so long!
If you want to treat your pooch, take a look at the Ruby and Duke website, chose your dogs size and your plan, from one, three or twelve months. Prices vary from £17-£20 per month depending on your plan. Then you can sit back and wait for your box to arrive around the 15th of every month and look forward to one happy little pooch. Also, as they are so lovely Ruby and Duke are offering 20% off your doggy treat boxes if you enter the code FIZZYPEACHES to the one month subscription.  Enjoy!
post written in collaboration with Ruby & Duke

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