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 When it comes to jewellery, I always like to chose something just slightly different. I’ve always had a unique taste in jewellery and I have quite a small collection of special pieces that have just stood out to me and ‘felt right’ to me. Once I find one of my select pieces, I’ll wear them over and over and over – styling them with every outfit, so finding that perfect piece is not as simple as it sounds.

I was excited and intrigued when JewelStreet got in touch and asked me to review a piece of jewellery from their website. JewelStreet is an online store with over 300 independent jewellery boutiques.  They stock a full range of jewellery from £20 up into the thousands, so you are bound to find the perfect piece for you, whatever your tastes and budget.

 After spending hours, literally hours on their website I finally decided on this gorgeous ‘Tract’ pendant (£92.00) by jewellery designer Katie Lees. I loved the unique geometric shape of the pendant and  being sterling silver it was bound to compliment any outfit.
I found the website really easy to use, you can search by jewellery type, designer or style. There are also lots of pictures of gorgeous jewellery for inspiration. Also to note – all jewellery comes with the 30 day money back guarantee and is quality assured so you can have piece in mind that you are only buying quality pieces. 
When my parcel arrived I quickly scurried to the post office to collect it. My pendant arrived packaged safely and in a beautiful little box with a few business cards from my designer, Katie Lees. I quickly Instagrammed a photo of it (like you do!) and Katie replied to me, which gave it a lovely personal touch too.
I am absolutely in love with my pendant, as soon as I started wearing it the compliments started to roll in. Everyone asks me where I got it from and states how unique it is. As well as being gorgeous, I love the fact it’s a talking point too.
I’d highly recommend JewelStreet. I always believe in buying from independent designers and brands, where you can be assured on the quality and the fact you’ll be wearing something a little different to the next person, plus it’s important to support the lesser-known designers too. It’s a win/win situation.
A big thank you to JewelStreet and to Katie Lees for letting me review such a fantastic service/product! I’ve already got my eye on my next piece….
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Fizzy Peaches
– Post written in collaboration with JewelStreet
– Photo credit: CarrieBrighton

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