TRAVEL: Jordan Petra in Pictures

Petra – The Treasury
Tombs carved into the rock
 Camel hiding from the heat of the sun
 My Indiana Jones moment… on a donkey
 Basking at the temple
 The long hike to the monastry was totally worth it
 Absolutely stunning colours within the rock formations, this picture just doesn’t do it justice!
 It’s a long way down…
The Hidden temple
Top of the world!
 Pomegranate juice and this amazing view after a long morning hike
The amazing Petra by night, where every path is lit with lanterns and the stars are so bright
Hope you enjoyed this part of my travel diaries, Petra was just so amazing no amount of words could describe. If you enjoyed this post you might also want to read…
Next up in the travel diaries series, I travel over the border to Israel! 

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